The Latest Backstage News On Neville’s WWE Contract Status and Potential Return

Former WWE 205 Live star Neville, who has not appeared on WWE TV since October of 2017, remains under contract with WWE despite his future remaining in doubt.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Neville is once again in talks with WWE about potentially returning to the company, despite him ‘walking out’ back in October due to unhappiness with how he was being used creatively, amongst other reasons. The Observer report furthers if WWE and the former Cruiserweight Champion are able to negotiate a return, the likely return date would be sometime in April.

Back on October 9th, 2017, Neville was scheduled to lose a match on WWE Raw to Enzo Amore, however, he chose to remain at home instead of doing the job to Enzo on the show, and he has not been seen on WWE TV since then. During his time off from WWE, Neville has been pushing to be released from his contract, however, his requests were denied and his contract was reportedly frozen by WWE, meaning he would still owe WWE the time he has missed after his contract expires. In this case, Neville has missed almost 5 months of work, meaning WWE could keep him under contract for up to 5 months after his deal expires.

Source :

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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