The Bella Twins "Begging" For WWE To Create Divas Tag Titles

WWE Divas the Bella Twins are strongly in favor of WWE creating Divas Tag Team titles. During an interview with WWE Magazine (February 2014 issue), Nikki Bella said:

“We’ve been begging to get that done for years! It’d be a great chance to see what us girls could come up with. New finishers, new names, new gear. We’re all so talented and creative and it’d be great to show that in a new way.”

Brie Bella added:

“Girls gang up on girls. It’s life. We sit down, we gossip, we group together naturally. Why not bring a little bit more of that aspect to WWE?”

TNA had Knockouts Tag Titles from 2009-2013, with the Eric Young (not a Knockout) & ODB being the final champions before the belts were retired.

* Photo: EMPTY ARENA At Last Night’s TNA Live Event