Superstar Billy Graham Says Kingston As WWE Champ Would Be "Total Joke"

“Superstar” Billy Graham is not on the Kofi Kingston bandwagon, folks.

The WWE Hall Of Famer took to social media this week to share his thoughts on The New Day member earning a WWE Championship shot against Daniel Bryan on the “Grandest Stage of Them All,” as the two are now officially scheduled to compete for the title at WrestleMania 35.

Apparently “The Superstar” feels Kingston potentially representing the company as the WWE Champion “is a total joke,” claiming he only weighs “145-pounds.”

“Superstar” Billy Graham explained his thoughts in a new blog posted on his official Facebook page dubbed, Is The WWE Serious???

“I turned on my computer today and went to the wrestling news sites and what did I see? Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at mania,” wrote Graham late Tuesday evening. “Talk is Vince is going to put that WWE belt on Kofi Kingston…. S—…..You…not me, will have a 145 pound WWE champion. This must of been an idea by the new Sr. Creative Lady Dana Warrior? Meltzer says she has been promoted to an extremely high position on the creative team and attends meeting that only Vince, H and Step are in…damn…how did she get so smart???”

Graham continued, “My friend Hannibal has been monitoring the Monday Night RAW steady decline in TV viewership. Well Hannibal, it dropped again last night in Boston, Monday, March 25th. Steady decline in TV viewership. I predict that this years mania will be so bad that next year, 2020, will not come close to selling out. The thrill is gone. Is anyone out there really excited to see these 2 light weights wrestle for the WWE Championship ?”

In conclusion, “The Superstar” tried to paint the picture of Kofi Kingston standing in the ring against Brock Lesnar as a “believable” champion.

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“Oh, one more thing,” said Graham. “I would love to see Kofi at 145 pounds put his newly won WWE belt on the line against Brock Lesner, great logistics, 1 man being out-weighed by a good 135 pounds, a total joke this thing is. – S.B.G.”

Check out “Superstar” Billy Graham’s Facebook blog about Kofi Kingston below.

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