Star Removed From TNA Roster, Mick Foley, Impact Ratings Breakdown, More

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There wasn’t much audience fluctuation on last week’s Impact. The opening segment featuring Jeff Jarrett & Kurt Angle drew a 1.10 and was the high point of the show. The Matt Morgan & Abyss vs. Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave match following it lost 78,000 viewers. Awesome Kong’s match with Mercedes Steele and Karen’s Angle with Christian Cage drew 39,000 viewers. The LAX & Hector Guerrero vs. Beer Money & Jacqueline match gained 26,000 viewers. Promos from Sting, Abyss & Morgan, and Samoa Joe lost 13,000 viewers. The Samoa Joe vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir match lost 52,000 viewers. The main event featuring Booker T vs. A.J. Styles lost 40,000 viewers. Overall, the show drew a 1.07 rating and 1.4 million viewers. The show did a 0.81 in Males 18-34 and 0.93 in Males 35-49. The prior week’s show with Mick Foley’s TNA debut closing the program drew a 1.11 rating and 1.5 million viewers.

— TNA drew actually drew 700 fans to last Saturday’s house show at the BankUnited Center, which is the 8,000-seat multi-purpose arena on the campus of the University of Miami. The next day’s show at the Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland, Florida drew 600 fans in a 10,000 seat venue. Front row seats were still available the day of the show despite newspaper & radio ads, and tons of cable TV ads during the WWE and TNA wrestling shows. Also, half the arena had to be curtained off.

— As reported earlier, Frank Trigg has been dropped as a character in TNA. TNA removed his profile from the roster page on their official website, which should confirm his departure from the company. The door is still open for him to return to TNA should they come up with a storyline for him.

— The TNA website has added Mick Foley to the roster section, although no profile is linked.

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