*Spoilers* WWE RAW Results For Tonight From Liverpool, England

WWE taped tonight’s episode of WWE RAW this afternoon from Liverpool, England. Below are the complete spoiler results.

– Lilian Garcia kicks off RAW with God Save the Queen. There are lots of “Where’s our Network?” chants.

– John Cena comes out to a loud reaction. Cena announces Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler are officially on Team Cena at Survivor Series. Swagger will face Seth Rollins tonight. Cena then calls Ryback to the ring to discuss their match later in the show. While they are talking, The Authority interrupts Cena. Mark Henry is with them. Stephanie McMahon announces Henry vs. Ziggler for tonight.

Both Cena and The Authority try convincing Ryback to join their Survivor Series team. Ryback winds up giving Cena a spinebuster and siding with The Authority. Cena is left laying in the ring.

– Seth Rollins defeated Jack Swagger with a Curb Stomp. This was a solid back and forth match, with Rollins hitting a second Curb Stomp after the match.

– A Dean Ambrose promo airs on the big screen. Ambrose says he’s not scared of demons and he will drag Bray Wyatt to hell at Survivor Series.

– A backstage segment aired with Kane and Ryback. Ryback says he doesn’t need Kane’s help and he’s not worried about fighting John Cena later in the show.

– Paige defeated Alicia Fox. Paige got a huge pop from the UK crowd.

– Lana and Rusev come came out for Rusev’s United States Championship victory celebration. Sheamus interrupted the Russian National anthem and set up a match between the two of them up next.

– United States Champion Rusev vs. Sheamus is up next.

– United States Champion Rusev defeated Sheamus in what was described as a bland match. They brawled to the floor after the match and The Authority ran down and came to Rusev’s aid. Stephanie congratulated Rusev on his title defense and offered him a spot on Team Authority, which he accepted.

– The Miz and Damien Sandow defeated Los Matadores. Hornswoggle was dressed as another stunt double for The MIz.

– Backstage, John Cena is talking with Dolph Ziggler. Triple H interrupts them and bans Cena from ringside during Ziggler’s match against Mark Henry.

– Dolph Ziggler defeated Mark Henry by DQ after Henry used a steel chair. Henry beat up Ziggler after the match until Big Show ran down and made the save. Big Show announces he’s on Team Cena.

– WWE announced that Chris Jericho returns to SmackDown this Friday night when he teams with Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt and Kane.

– In a backstage segment, Sheamus agreed to join Team Cena at Survivor Series.

– Divas Champion AJ Lee defeated Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) with the Black Widow. There were loud C.M. Punk chants during the match. Afterwards, Nikki attacked AJ and posed with the belt.

– Backstage, Ryback was talking with Mark Henry. Henry welcomed Ryback to Team Authority.

– Tyson Kidd defeated Adam Rose. Rose got a great reaction from the UK crowd. During the match, Adam Rose attacked The Bunny. Later, The Bunny distracted Rose, allowing Kidd put Rose in the Sharpshooter for the submission victory. Rose attacked The Bunny again after the match.

– John Cena defeatd Ryback by DQ in a 20-minute match. Ryback got disqualified after Kane entered the ring. Kane and Ryback had a stare down, with Seth Rollins trying to keep the peace between them. Ryback hit Rollins, then Kane knocked Ryback out of the ring. Team Authority ran down to the ring and attacked John Cena, which brought out the members of Team Cena as well. Ryback got back in the ring and cleaned house on Team Authority. Ryback left the ring by himself, so it looks like Ryback could wind up on Team Cena after all.

Dark Match Main Event:

– John Cena, Sheamus, and Big Show defeated Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury. The Stooges left before the match started, leaving Seth Rollins to fight the babyfaces by himself. Cena, Sheamus and Big Show all hit their finishers on Seth Rollins and celebrated.

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