*SPOILERS* TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results For 2/24

Credit to reader Eric for sending in the following TNA iMPACT! tapings results from Tuesday night, set to air on Thursday, February 24th:

* Gunner and Murphy defeat Eric Young and Orlando Jordan with Beer Money on commentary.

* Brother Devon comes out and talks about Brother Ray’s attack on his kids at Against All Odds. We see Ray backstage. He taunts Devon for the attack and rips them. Ray is getting ready to powerbomb someone through a table backstage but Tommy Dreamer makes the save. They fight out to the ring. Devon accidently punches Dreamer as security breaks everything up.

* Mr. Anderson comes out and sits in a chair, saying he’s calling the shots now. Anderson wants his world title rematch. Rob Van Dam comes out and they go back and forth on the mic before getting into a fist fight.

* Immortal comes out and Bischoff makes it RVD vs. Anderson for the main event. Jeff Jarrett whispers to Bischoff and he makes it RVD vs. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle.

* Crimson defeats Magnus.

* Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry in a posedown is up next. Terry comes out with workout equipment. Terry cuts a promo on Steiner. Steiner comes out in a suit and they talk trash. Terry attacks Steiner from behind and chokes him with a tension band. Security breaks it up.

* Ric Flair comes out and tells AJ Styles to come get on his hands and knees to apologize. AJ comes out and says he’s been avoiding Flair because he wants to beat him up. Flair goes to hit AJ but it’s blocked. AJ attacks Flair until Hernandez makes the save. AJ eliminates him. AJ low blows Flair and kicks Hernandez. Flair is bleeding bad here. Hernandez launches AJ back into the ring. AJ comes back and takes out Hernandez on the floor. AJ goes for a Styles Clash on Flair but Hernandez makes the save. Fortune comes down to help Styles. Hernandez goes to retreat but is attacked by Matt Morgan.

* Madison Rayne comes out for a non-title match and says she will knock out who ever is put in front of her. ODB comes out to answer Madison’s challenge in her TNA return. Madison gets the win with her finisher.

* Mr. Anderson defeats Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam in a solid main event. The match is interrupted by Karen and Jeff Jarrett, distracting Angle. Anderson hits the Mic Check for the win.

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(Thanks again to reader Eric for these results)