SmackDown Star Dons Mask At FCW Event, Orton Surpasses HBK, Ross On MVP

– Jim Ross commented on news of MVP’s release from WWE with the following.

“MVP released 2day from WWE. Good guy who will do well going forward. He’s a survivor,” he wrote on Twitter.

— With Randy Orton’s latest WWE title run having concluded, “The Viper” now ranks at No. 10 for most days spent as WWE Champion, surpassing Shawn Michaels with 420. No. 9 would be Randy Savage at 529, Steve Austin at No. 8 with 529, Triple H at No. 7 with 539, and Bret Hart at No. 6 with 654. John Cena is in fifth place with 947, while Pedro Morales ranks at No. 4 with 1,027. The top three spots are Bruno Sammartino (4,040), Hulk Hogan (2,184) and Bob Backlund (2,138).

— Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez donned a mask at last night’s Florida Championship Wrestling live event in Tampa. He worked under the name Chimaera, a masked identity he has used in the independent scene since 2006.

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter