Seeking 'True Accountability,' First Civilian Drone Victim Appears in US Court

For the first time ever, a civilian survivor of a U.S. drone strike attended a hearing in U.S. court on Tuesday.

Faisal bin ali Jaber, a Yemeni environmental engineer who lost two innocent relatives to a 2012 covert drone strike, is seeking an official apology and declaration of error for the deaths of his brother-in-law, Salem, and nephew, Waleed. In September, three American ex-drone operators filed a legal brief supporting Jaber’s claim.

Ahead of Tuesday’s landmark hearing in Washington, D.C., Jaber wrote to President Barack Obama saying he would “happily drop the case in exchange for an apology” and acknowledgment that his relatives “were innocents, not terrorists.”

As ABC News reported Tuesday:

“True accountability comes from owning up to our mistakes,” he wrote to Obama.