Scott Steiner Says Triple H Can't Stand Ric Flair

Scott Steiner was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald and had some harsh words about former co-workers Triple H and Ric Flair.

Not only does Scott Steiner strongly dislike Triple H, but apparently Triple H has similar feelings towards Ric Flair these days. Steiner says the relationship between Hunter and Flair has soured with Hunter unable to stand Flair after Flair left the company earlier this year. “When I was up there, it was ridiculous. Flair was kissing Triple H’s (expletive) so bad, carrying his bags to buildings. Now Triple H can’t stand Ric Flair. To each his own.”

Steiner also said why he thinks Flair left WWE. “There’s a reason why Flair’s not there anymore. It’s not because he’s retired. Flair’s a piece of (expletive). I’ve been able to read people real good throughout my life. I knew Flair was a piece of (expletive), and Triple H was a piece of (expletive). It didn’t take long to figure out.”

Steiner also talks at length about why the Main Event Mafia is one of the top stables in pro wrestling history. To read the entire interview, head over to

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