Scott Hall's Publicist Debunks Assumptions That He Is Seriously Ill

Scott Hall’s publicist issued a cryptic statement on this afternoon asking that fans keep “The Bad Guy” in their thoughts and prayers. She added, “Will update as soon as I know.”

She then clarified her remarks with the following statement:

Well once again I come to put an end to the BS and Assumptions of others..

Why in heavens name, would anyone think Scott is seriously ill.. just because.. I said keep him in your thoughts and prayers…

He is in a place he is getting help.. doesn’t mean the road will be easy.. he is dealing with much.. He is making life changeing changes.. old habits are hard to break..

I said.. when I know ,you will.. but until then I wish people wouldn not take things out of context and assume the worse..

I still ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers.. that he will come out of this healthy and happy.. After all.. we just want The Bad Guy to be ok…


It was noted earlier this week by longtime friend Kevin Nash that Hall had checked into a rehabilitation center on behalf of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program. He was scratched from an independent wrestling show tour of the East Coast, including a heavily promoted event in New York City.

Hall’s publicist said last week: “Recovery for Scott has been very slow process; he was trying to get better and was looking forward to his appearances on the East Coast.”

Hall had been in the hospital recently as he came down with double pneumonia, affecting both of his lungs.

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