Sanders Looks West as National Poll Gives Him 'Whopping' Lead over Trump

As the Bernie Sanders campaign hoped for big victories in primary contests in the American West on Tuesday, a new national poll gave him a “whopping” 20-point lead over Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Voters in Arizona and Utah, as well as Democrats in Idaho, are going to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots for presidential nominees.

In Arizona, where polls close at 7 pm local time, the primary proportionally awards 75 delegates on the Democratic side. The Utah caucuses, which begin at 6 pm local time for Democrats, will proportionally award 33 delegates. And in Idaho, the caucuses begin at 7 pm Mountain time and also award 33 delegates proportionally. 

While Sanders could pull out victories in all three states, “Arizona looks the most promising for [Hillary] Clinton,” Politico reported. “She’s won there before in 2008. And it’s a closed primary, which hurts Sanders, since it means independent voters can’t cast ballots.”

Still, Politico adds, “The Sanders campaign has countered with support from Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva and other prominent Latino officials, in addition to ads aimed at minority voters.”

Recent, if limited, polling in Arizona show Clinton with a strong lead. And as Jeff Stein wrote at Vox, “Arizona is likely to give us our best guess yet of who can win in California—where a whopping 475 delegates are up for grabs on June 7.”