Samoa Joe Speaks On Joining NXT vs. Main Roster & Meeting Vince

Recently-crowned NXT Champion Samoa Joe says he “never” thought he would end up working with WWE. After beginning his career in 1999 and working for companies like TNA and ROH, Joe signed with the biggest wrestling company in the world in 2015. Joe recently talked to the podcast about joining WWE, and specifically the NXT roster instead of the main roster.

“Its funny man, it’s a confluence of a lot of good guys going to bat for me and making the connection with me and Triple H, and next thing you know I find myself here,” Joe said. “They were like, can we set up a meeting and come down to Orlando, and let’s talk about some things, we have some ideas we want to throw at you to see what you think.”

WWE wanted the experienced former TNA World Champion to work with younger talent on their NXT brand. Joe says he’s happy to be featured on a new brand that’s on the come-up, which is a familiar place for him.

“I think, for most part WWE was concerned that I would be insulted by some of the in-roads they made to me. You know, not understanding what he (HHH) was trying to build in NXT and what was going on here but we had some really solid meetings,” Joe said. “I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve been kinda on the cusp of companies getting worldwide acclaim, and exploding, and this is like my third time, and it’s awesome so I recognize all the hallmarks and the signs that I’ve seen before, in places like Ring of Honor, and it’s like, when I saw that and I saw the energy and the vibe and I went to the shows, and kind of met with some of the guys, and saw how they felt about things, I was just like, no, no, this is, yeah I’m totally cool with it, it’s where I want to be.”

Joe touched on his interactions with Vince McMahon, saying he doesn’t quite know what the WWE Chariman thinks of him, but that Vince is like the “ultimate poker player.” You can listen to his full interview here.

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