Roman Reigns Locker Room Interview: Making Sacrifices, John Cena & More (Video)

On WWE’s official YouTube channel, video was released of a Roman Reigns locker room interview from last night’s WWE No Mercy pay-per-view in Los Angeles, California.

Reigns spoke about his “Born to Reign” line and that it’s not him being arrogant, but instead is simply how he feels and how he takes himself into battle and putting his body on the line every night because he feels he was meant to do something big.

“This company, this business runs through my veins so if I ever choose to do something else, I didn’t hold this place hostage, this really was my home,” said Reigns in the video, which you can watch above. “I gave some of my childhood. I mean, my father was a wrestler, my uncle was a wrestler, countless cousins. Do you know how often I saw my dad? I’ve made sacrifices since day one in this business and I continue to do it, and I’m not gonna stop even if somebody like John Cena doesn’t want me to be here or doesn’t think I deserve it or wants to keep me down and try to bury me.”

Reigns continued, “It’s just not going to happen. There’s not a man on Earth that can stop me from doing what I have to do to take care of mine.”