ROH house show report 10-24 Dayton, OH: Champions vs. All Stars Elimination Match

Ring of Honor: Glory By Honor XIV results, Dayton, OH
by Justin McClelland
Prior to the show, they announced AJ Styles was out with an undisclosed injury and ACH was out with a concussion. The original Champions vs. All Stars main event of Jay Lethal, Matt Taven and Michael Bennett vs. Roderick Strong, ACH and Styles was now Lethal, Taven, Bennett and Roderick Strong (since he won the TV title the night before) vs. Dalton Castle, Moose and the Addiction.
1. Dark Match: Kongo (who naturally hails from South America and wears a caveman-looking singlet) beat the Outlaw (who naturally wears a cowboy hat).
2. Kelly Klein (w/ BJ Whitmer) defeated Ray Lynn in about 2 minutes with a guillotine choke. After the match Whitmer gave a speech putting Kline over as a bad ass force. I was unsure if this was taped for the DVD or just a dark match because it was held before Kevin Kelly came out and the usual “fans cheering wildly” opening.
3. Adam Cole defeated Will Ferrera. The top rope broke early in the match but they worked around it fine. Ferrera did the plucky underdog who is outmatched but refuses to give up role.
4. The All Night Express beat Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young.  Before the match Young berated the Boys and had them fight for a minute. The Boys were actually holding their own with the ANX, but when they stopped to fan Titus, Young and BCB attacked them and took over the match. King looked to have been hurt on a botched Samoan drop by BCB but came back for the finish which was a combination Powerbomb and Blockbuster on the Bruiser.
Caprice Coleman beat Sampson Walker. Coleman seems to be a heel now, as he cut a smug promo on Walker noting this was the latter’s “try to get a job” match but Coleman was going to make sure he failed. Walker did a weird/gross thing of biting Coleman’s stomach and back. At the end, Coleman did the Eddie Guerrero “pretend to be hit with a chair when the ref isn’t looking” routing. As Walker tried to argue his case with the ref, Coleman school-boyed him for the cheap win.
5. Michael Elgin beat Donovan Dijak  (with Truth Martini) with the spinning power in a 20 minute match.  Match went too long as crowd lost interest by the 15 minute point, especially after Elgin hit a top rope senton. Both guys looked good and worked a hard hitting match, but it drug in places.
6. Joey “Diesel” Daddy-iego (with Truth Martini) beat Shereh Ali. Daddy-iego is the former J. Diesel, with the new gimmick that allows him and Truth to yell “Whose Your Daddy?” constantly. Basically a squash to showcase the new gimmick.
7. Cliff Compton won a four-way over Bob Evans, Cedric Alexander (with Veda Scott) and Adam Page (with BJ Whitmer). First Evans cut a promo mocking Cheeseburger who he said he injured the night before. Then Compton cut a promo, noting he had a seizure in August and thanked the fans for helping him recover. This led to later Alexander mocking Compton’s seizure, which got massive go-away, disgusted heat. There was a comedy bit where the ref tossed all the seconds after each interfered. Finally, Cheeseburger ran out and clocked Evans so Compton got the win. Cheeseburger noted Evans was an idiot who had “broken the wrong hand” (i.e. his non-punching hand”) and challenged Evans for a match at Final Battle.
8. The Briscoes defeated War Machine. This was a good 20 minute match with crazy moved. Unfortunately the fans were distracted early by streamers that got caught in the ceiling fan and sundry attempts to get the streamers down. They did a lot of moves including each team giving their finishers to the other before Jay pinned Rowe (I think) with the Jay Driller.
9. The Champions beat the All Stars in an elimination match. Dalton Castle was at worst the second most over guy on the show behind the Briscoes and maybe even exceeded their popularity and was definitely the star of this match. The Kingdom pinned Kazarian with a spike piledriver. Daniels pinned Taven and then Bennett. Lethal pinned Daniels. Castle and Moose fought the two singles champs for a long time until Lethal pinned Castle with the Lethal Injection after Truth Martini interfered and Moose was pinned by Stong shortly thereafter. Afterwards, Lethal had a staredown with Strong as each held up their belts. Then AJ Styles (Who was doing commentary) got in the ring and had a staredown with Lethal. A fun main event with a lot of comedy from Castle, who did his whole crazy routine and nobody knowing what to make of it, and Lethal who did some great heel stuff.