REPORT: WWE Taping Two Weeks Of Television & WrestleMania Over The Next Few Days

By next Thursday, WWE will have taped all of their televised content up to and including WrestleMania 36, according to a new report from

The next two weeks of Friday Night Smackdown are being taped Saturday (3/21) at the WWE Performance Center, while content for the next two weeks of WWE NXT episodes will be taped on Sunday (3/22).

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Monday (3/23) and Tuesday (3/24) will be tapings for Monday Night Raw, and both nights of WrestleMania 36 itself will be taped on Wednesday (3/25) and Thursday (3/26).

With the COVID-19 epidemic putting the immediate future of just about everything into question, WWE is taping as much as they can to get through WrestleMania as quickly as possible, knowing that at the drop of a hat, local or federal government could shut down production.

It’s worth nothing that these will not be the only tapings that WWE does in the coming days/weeks. It has been reported that certain segments and matches will be taped at external locations, and not at the Performance Center, likely to minimize travel and keep as many people isolated as possible.