Report On What Friends Of Chris Kanyon Believe Triggered His Apparent Suicide

The latest issue of Power Slam, an independent monthly non-kayfabe wrestling magazine published in the United Kingdom, features a story on the recent passing of Chris Kanyon. James Mitchell, a close friend of his, contributes heavily to the piece, giving his views on the troubled life of his departed friend. The article talks about Chris struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and how he wanted to create a positive gay wrestling persona, described as a ‘normal masculine babyface who just happened to be gay’. However, no major wrestling company was willing to experiment his idea.

The conclusion of the article notes that a few of his close friends, including Mitchell, believe “the last straw” for the troubled former wrestling star was the debut of Orlando Jordan’s ‘openly bisexual’ character in TNA Wrestling.

Here is what was written: “Mitchell and some other of Kanyon’s close friends believe the last straw for the troubled Kanyon was likely the TNA debut of Orlando Jordan’s ‘openly bisexual’ character, which seeks to exploit the character’s sexuality for cheap heel heat instead of promoting tolerance and acceptance. Those who were close to Chris are of the opinion Kanyon regarded this as a mockery of the wrestling angle he felt was his “life’s work” and “destiny”. He took a fatal overdose of pills shortly after the character’s appearance on the Monday March 29 iMPACT!.”

It should be noted that Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer reported similar claims in his piece last month detailing the life and times of Kanyon, saying two different friends of his independently speculated that he may have watched the character’s debut on the Mar. 29 episode of iMPACT! and saw Jordan playing a role that in his mind felt was destined to be his. They felt it set off his latest bout of depression — past the point of no return — as he stopped returning phone calls following that particular evening.

“It could have been, hell that was his idea,” said Robert McLearren, one of Kanyon’s closest friends outside the business. “That would make sense. The last time I talked to him was Monday afternoon. I could only imagine how he felt knowing someone else got his angle.”

McLearren said his final conversation with Kanyon involved him trying to find a book on ecstasy.

“He thought that could finally be the key to helping him find stability,” he said. “That’s the last I heard from him. I texted him over-and-over again throughout the week, but with no response. Chris was incredibly unhappy. The unhappiness was punctuated by short periods of mania, but for the most part, he just wasn’t whole after he left wrestling. He told me once that since he was a kid, that’s all he could think about, all he wanted to do. After that was gone, he just didn’t feel like he had anything to live for, the only dream he had was gone. You throw in living with bipolar, and it made for a bad cocktail.”

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