REPORT: Multiple Redisigned Titles Finished & “On Site” For WrestleMania

Twitter user “BeltFanDan”, who has a history of being a credible source for pro wrestling title belts for many years, may be on to some MAJOR news ahead of this Sunday’s highly anticipated WrestleMania extravaganza.

Dan noted this afternoon that newly designed versions of both the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championships are finished, and are “on site” in the New York area for this weekend’s festivities. The titles allegedly feature removable side plates, in the same vein as many of the new titles in recent years, as were made by legendary belt creator Dave Millican.

Interestingly enough, Dan also noted that a THIRD belt may have been redesigned, but has opted not to share details because it may spoil the outcome of a match this Sunday at WrestleMania. Time to speculate wildly….

Obviously take this with a grain of salt, but a major change to the WWE tag belts has been a long time coming and even reported as happening multiple times over the past few years.

As I reported a few months back, newly designed WWE tag team belts ARE done and ARE in NY/NJ for WrestleMania. I have not been told if they will be debuted this weekend, but they are on site. Millican made, new designs, removable team sideplates.

— BeltFanDan (@BeltFanDan) April 5, 2019

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