Regal On Dressing In Drag On RAW, Wrestlers Taking Themselves Too Serious

WWE’s William Regal recently appeared as a guest alongside Sheamus and King Barrett on an episode of the WWE Network show, Table For 3. During the show, Regal revealed that dressing in drag during a RAW Roulette show was his favorite moment in his career. He also spoke about how wrestlers shouldn’t take themselves too seriously and how his old WWE character defined his career. Below are some of the highlights.

On dressing in drag on RAW:

“That was probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done in the entire time I’ve been in wrestling. Doing that was the most actual fun I ever had.”

“If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right. I want the full Vegas showgirl [regalia]. I want the thing, but where are we going to get [that]? I want red high heels. Where are we going to get that? It just happened that we were in Vegas. Well, actually, I’m nearly a [size] 12 [shoe], so they went and got me 13 size red [heels], but we were in Vegas, so it was okay. It all worked out nicely.”

On how his five week run as a “Real Man’s Man” gimmick in WWE has defined his career:

“It lasted five weeks. I had a 30-year solid wrestling career in 40 countries and I’d been pretty successful at lots of things, but that five weeks has defined my entire career. And people still sing that song to me every day and I’m not making this up, every time I call the office, and they put me on hold, it’s that thing playing down the phone line.”

On how wrestlers shouldn’t take themselves too seriously:

“If you take yourself too seriously, you’ve got no chance in this job. You cannot take yourself seriously. You’ve got to embrace whatever is given and make the most of every opportunity to make it funny or to make it memorable. [Austin and Angle are] two serious fellas, right? So comfortable with themselves they’re happy to do anything. That’s the key to it. When you’re happy and you’re comfortable with yourself and you’re not worried about being a top guy, you’ll make the most out of anything and make it work.”

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