RAW Report 11/24/08

RAW this week starts with an outside shot. A Ferrari roared up and Shane came out. He greeted Cryme Tyme and Kelly he saw Dolph Ziggler and put his jacket in Dolph’s outstretched hand as Shane rushed for out front.

Shane’s music and out on the stage he says Cena (mixed reaction) is the new WHC. There’s an issue as two people have rematch clauses – Y2J and Batista. Tonight Batista and Y2J will compete to see who will face Cena at Armageddon.

Steph’s music and she comes out. She kisses Shane on the cheek and says she has an announcement of her own. Orton has valid reasons of his own, so tonight’s will be a Triple Threat Match. She said she would have told him sooner, but knows he loves surprises. They argue quietly off mic. Steph very obviously being bossy. A Cena chant starts. Steph starts to announce that Miz and Morrison will be facing…

Shane jumps in and says HBK and Rey. He takes the applause.

Steph says it’s her show, he’s stepped on her his entire life. He comes running and tries to take over, but it’s her show.

He says he’s there to have fun and make it a better show.

She tells him he can run the corporation, she will run the show.

Shane asks if she’s going to sleep with another WWE Superstar and get a new husband.

Steph bitch slapped him. He said he’s going to watch her run RAW right into the ground. Shane stomps off. Steph smirks over her shoulder and leaves. The camera never went below her boobs the whole time – still no belly shots of Steph.

Miz and Morrison come out to the ring. Video from their tag match last Monday. Rey came out to the ring. HBK came out to round out the Tag Match. His eye is swollen, bandaged and black and blue.

Rey slammed Morrison down. Out back JBL climbed into his limo and told the driver to drive. The driver said there was a match going on. JBL said he doesn’t pay him to think, he pays him to drive. Miz gets tossed from the ring. Morrison and HBK both land hard. JBL’s music hits. His limo comes out. JBL gets out of his limo and starts walking. Miz and Morrison isolate HBK. JBL watches from in front of his limo.

– Commercial

HBK fights back against Miz. Miz slams HBK down and covers for two. HBK tries to fight back. He tries to tag out but Rey is still down from Rey crashing and burning during the commercial. Morrison tags in and sets HBK up top. Morrison tries for a superplex but gets tossed off instead. HBK pulled himself off the corner and shimmies along the ropes until he can tag in Rey! Mix tags in and Rey slams him face first into the bottom turn buckle. Rey hit RVD’s split leg moonsault. Seated senton then 619 on Miz. Rey starts to climb and Morrison grabs his leg from outside. HBK grabbed Morrison and pulled him off. Morrison then took HBK down hard. Rey hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Miz for three.

– Winners: HBK & Rey

Morrison attacks Rey in the ring tossing him hard into the ring post. JBL slowly makes his way to the ring. Morrison continues by working over HBK in the ring. JBL climbs in and hit a big boot on Morrison! JBL leaves and walks away calmly while HBK looks on shocked.

– Commercial

Grisham cornered JBL out back. JBL said he made an offer to HBK this morning. What he did was in good faith that HBK will sign soon.

In the ring Lilian announces Kennedy’s return. He comes out to the stage with a mic in hand. He says it’s good to be back and people are not sure if he’s heel or face. He says he has a new movie coming out – Behind Enemy Lines; Columbia. Last night in Boston he got a camera crew and infiltrated a different line, the line they all stand in at a show. He talks about Obama becoming elected. So he asked the fans which WWE Superstar reminds the fans of Obama. There were lots of odd answers. The last kid said Vince McMahon. The kid says because he’s stubborn and he thinks Obama is stubborn. And they both have the ears. Kennedy then says he has to admit another certain superstar was not mentioned – meaning himself. Someone with a presidential ring to his name. He’s young, fresh, charismatic. He calls for his above mic. It drops and he gives his name twice. Still not sure if he’s heel or face!

Out back Grisham has Batista. Batista congratulates Cena. He says he comes back from a horrible injury and wins in his hometown. The electricity was insane. He knows how it feels to be on the mountaintop and will get there again starting tonight.

– Commercial

The IC Tournament starts. Lilian announces Pat Patterson who is in a tux. He was ringside and sits at the announce table. He was the first IC Champion and a IC Championship DVD comes out tomorrow. He looks really healthy, but sounds a bit off. Kofi comes out for his match and shakes hands with Patterson before entering the ring. Kane comes out to face him.

A kick and an upper cut and Kofi is in trouble. A scoop slam and Kane covers for two. Patterson talks about the DVD. Kofi runs into a huge big boot! Kane can only cover for one. Kofi flipped out of a side slam before Kane could hit it. Kofi gets whipped but flips out and around to kick Kane in the face. A cross body and Kofi covers for two. Kofi gets out of a chokeslam and kicked Kane from the ring (that was slopping and Kane had to about toss himself from the ring). Outside Kane tosses Kofi into the ring post then bends Kofi backward around the ring post. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: Kofi Via DQ

Kane tosses the top layer of stairs in. Kane hits Kofi over the head with them.

Steph comes out and say Kane can take his aggression out on Kofi. Or next week he can take it out on the new WHC. Kane smiles. Steph says she thought so and gives Kane Cena next week.

– Commercial

Video of Batista last night at SS. Orton hit the RKO and won for his team.

Y2J comes out to the ring in wrestling gear. Orton is next out to the ring while Y2J stands there glaring at the fans. Cody and Manu are watching Orton on the monitor out back. Batista is last out io huge pop.

Batista immediately goes after Orton them Y2J. Batista is dominating to start. Huge shoulder block to Y2J for two. Batista continues to work Orton over in a corner. Snap mare to Orton from Batista. Batista covers for two. Y2J starts fighting back on Batista but doesn’t get far. Batista tosses Orton out and starts working over Y2J. Orton grabs Batista and pulls him out. Batista on the apron and Y2J hits a slingshot dropkick. Batista outside. Orton works over Y2J and while he’s down Orton sets up for the RKO.

– Commercial

Y2J rolls Batista up but Orton breaks it up. Orton stomps Batista in the gut. Chinlock and forearms to Batista’s chest. Orton covers for two. Orton and Y2J stomp Batista together. Y2J pushes Batista down and gets a thumbs up from Orton. Y2J threw Batista into Orton’s clothesline but then Orton hit a clothesline to Y2J. Y2J hits an enziguri on Orton and covers but Batista breaks it up. Batista whips Y2J then whips Orton in on him. Batista goes for a double clothesline but only gets Orton. Huge slam to Orton from Batista but Y2J breaks the count. Orton hits a quick scoop slam on Y2J for two. Spinebuster to Orton from Batista. Y2J goes for the code breaker but Batista counters. They go back and forth but Y2J kicks Batista in the knee and locks on the walls. Orton knocks Y2J down form behind. Orton takes Y2J down with a back breaker and sets up for the RKO but Y2J rolls from the ring. Orton is about to kick Batista’s head off but Batista bounces up and hits the spear. Y2J rushes in, hits a low dropkick on Batista and covers Orton for three.

– Winner: Y2J

Batista is in the ring cussing, totally pissed while Y2J gets his hand raised on the stage and smirks.

– Commercial

Glamarella is in the ring. She hands him the mic. He says he’s the greatest IC Champion of all the times. For him to not be featured in the IC Championship DVD is a mistake. For him to not be in the IC Tournament, that’s a bigger mistake. The hater who requested to face him tonight is the biggest mistake. He brought his back up – Pasqualle and Franchesco – his left arm and right. Goldust comes out to face Santino!

They lock up and Goldust pushes him off. Santino pitches a little fit and Goldust mocks him. Santino leaves the ring and Goldust snaps his teeth at Beth outside – she screams. Back in the ring Goldust starts on Santino but Santino gains the upper hand. Inverted atomic drop to Santino. Goldust hit a new finisher (missed the name) for three.

– Winner: Goldust

He poses in the ring. Santino rolls fromt he ring and Beth tries to help him up. Goldust watches her intently.

– Commercial

Orton out back walks up to Cody and Manu. They all glare. Orton turns and walks off.

Lilian announces another IC Tournament Match. Punk comes out first. Regal and Layla come out to watch over things. Regal looks really out of it (read he has the flu or something) – he’s obviously not feeling well at all, but I give him huge props for coming out even if Layla is holding him up! Snitsky comes out to face Punk. Regal sounds bad on mic at the announce table.

Snitsky pushes Punk around and hits a side slam. An elbow drop to Punk’s back. Snitsky covers for two. Punk is whipped but gets a foot up. Bear hug on Punk. Punk head butts Snitsky to get out. Snitsky slams him down. Regal couldn’t remember the belt Edge is holding right now. Snitsky again covers for two. Regal talks up Punk in a huge way. Bear hug to Punk. Elbows to Snitsky’s head to gets out but a quick scoop slam to Punk. Snitsky drops an elbow to the mat as Punk moves. Chin breaker to Snitsky. A kick to the back of Snitsky’s head. Punk jumps from the apron to the top rope and flies off with a clothesline for two. Regal says Punk kicks like a bloody donkey. Snitsky hit a big boot on Punk. Bear hug to Punk. Elbows to Snitsky’s head to get out. Punk gets slammed down again. Regal is really not with it right now, he can’t seem to get the words out in a legible way. Punk manages to hit the GTS and cover for three.

– Winner: Punk

Regal applauds Punk who talks smack down to Regal and gives him smirks and dirty looks.

Grisham out back with Rey. He congratulates him on pinning Miz. Rey is facing Miz next week in the IC Tournament. Rey talks about huge names who have been IC Champion. Rey wants to be added to that list. He stops talking as Knox comes up and glares down at Rey before walking off.

– Commercial

HHH and HBK give an out back promo! They ask if we’re ready. They go on to push the new DX basketball jersey. There’s DX gear everywhere. Kelly comes in wearing one. HHH talks about the shoot for the video game. HBK holds up a copy, up-side-down. He says it’s available for the Play Station 475, The YBOX and the Wii 3-4,000. HBK says it’s all at ShopZone – Buy, buy, buy!

Beth, Jillian and Katie to the ring. Beth says she led the RAW Diva’s to victory. She says she was the sole survivor on her team. Jillian cuts her off and says the Slammy’s are back in two weeks! She says she knows she’ll be nominated for a lot. They need to be her backup dancers. Katie starts dancing and Beth berates her while Jillian sings horribly, but looks better than I have ever seen her!

– Commercial

Mickie’s music and she comes bouncing out in a cocoa/beige two piece outfit. Candice comes out in white. Melina comes out with black feathers, black leggings, black boy shorts and cocoa bra top. Guess she is a face now!

Jillian and Candy start off. Candy gets whipped but moves. Beth attacks from the apron. Jillian fling Candy across the ring by her hair. Handspring back elbow to Candy in a corner. Beth tags in and pins for two. A couple back breakers to Candy, then a third and Beth stretches Candy over her knee. Candy knees Beth to the head to get out. Candy double kicks Beth in the gut. Katie tags in, but so does Melina. She looks amazing. A huge move that blows my mind and she covers Katie but moves to attack Jillian as she rushes in. All the Divas are in and fighting. Melina hits the split pin for three.

– Winners: Melina, Mickie & Candy

Out back Y2J is walking in his suit. Steph asks where he’s going. He says he’s going to join Cena in the ring and be his one man welcoming committee.

– Commercial

Video of Y2J winning earlier this evening.

Y2J says that we think that now that Cena is WHC things will change. Well, last time you thought that he won the title back in five days. Nothing changed. The same thing will happen to Cena at Armageddon. When 2008 ends, nothing will have changed as he will still be Champion.

Cena on the tron, out in the entryway to the arena with fans. He says Y2J lost his mind and thinks he’s above everyone else. He comes out every week and calls people hypocrites. People don’t like a stuck up snob in a suit telling them they’re not good enough. Y2J can’t be a one man welcoming committee, but he has thousands of friends and Y2J has to welcome all of them. Cena’s music hits and he comes through the crowd. He calls for the stop of the music and the fans go wild for him. He asks if Y2J hears that. He has Y2J look around and says it doesn’t matter their differences… Huge “Cena” chants. He says they have one thing in common. They all care about the WWE. Every time they come to an arena they pay their good money so they can cheer, boo and make some noise. Why? Because they have passion. All they ask is that when they stop in the ring they share in the passion. They want them to get rowdy when the cameras are on. Without the fans, none of this exists. Cena’s not there to start a new era. Cena says he doesn’t know how many times he’s won or lost championships. But when he steps in the ring he gives it all for the fans.

Y2J asks if the agree with Cena and the fans go wild. He says he doesn’t give a damn what they agree with. Y2J lists who he’s beaten.

Cena says stop the list. They are very different but the biggest difference between them is that Y2J talks business. Cena strips off his hat, shirt and belt and says he means business. He gets in Y2J’s face ad Y2J leaves the ring to heat from the fans. Cena says he knew Y2J would do that but they will fight at Armageddon. He says he wants to clear the air. Last night was a great match and no one can doubt Y2J ability to wrestle in the ring. Where they don’t see eye to eye is where Y2J says every week and he says he has to save this place. Well Cena likes this place. Y2J belittles the foundation of wrestling. Every week Y2J tells the fans they’re not good enough. Y2J claims he’s an honest man, but he’s been lying. The championship is how. Cena’s a huge fan himself. This belt proves that they do not need saving or changing. It proves the champ is here.

Y2J gets back in the ring and says he’s the champ. He says he doesn’t impress Y2J or intimidate him. He thinks Cena’s afraid of him. He calls Cena a liar and hypocrite the same as the fans he panders to. At Armageddon Y2J will prove Cena is just a flash in the pan. Y2J calls him a worm. Y2J calls him a coward and Cena snapped. Cena attacks and rips Y2J apart. Finally Cena tosses Y2J from the ring. Cena goes out after him, pick him up and tosses him on/over the announce table. Pucks up a drink and dumps it on Y2J. Cena tosses Y2J shoulder first into the stairs. Cena gets in the ring for the fans then goes back out after Y2J. Cena picks up the top layer of stairs and hits Y2J with them. Y2J goes over the barrier. Cena grabs Y2J from on the barrier and drags him back into the ring. Y2J gets up and Cena hits a huge clothesline. A full nelson on Y2J then he tosses him down. Cena locks on the STFU. Finally Cena lets go of Y2J. “Cena” chants. Cena poses with the belt high in both hands.

Kane is watching intently on a monitor out back.

Cena again poses with the belt high while standing over Y2J.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat