RAW Report 11/14/11 Boston, MA – RAW Is Rocked!

This three hour RAW from Boston starts with music and pyro.

King says the show is sold out and it looks like it is. People way up in the rafters of that tiny arena.

Justin announces Cole who comes out to heat while wearing a cream suit and blue shirt. Cole wants everyone’s attention and get heat. He welcomes everyone to the show. Finally JR has showed some guts and showed up for the Michael Cole Challenge. Cole referred to JR as a balloon float. Cole announces JR who comes out to the ring not looking very impressed. King wants JR to win and Cole to quit RAW. Cole says there’s three challenges. JR gets all three and he gets his job back and Cole quits. The first is a competition we all know and love: arm wrestling. Cole calls in a ref so the fat tub of lard JR won’t cheat. King says his money’s on JR. Chants for JR. Preens until the ref makes him come over.

They were about to start by Cole backs off for pushups. Then Cole backs off for chalk. Cole taunts JR about this being a slobberknocker, then slams Cole’s hand back like it was nothing. Cole says it was too quick! He’s just joshing, he gave up. JR’s BBQ breath made his eyes tear from spoiled meat. He lost because he couldn’t breathe. They keep replaying Cole’s loss and he’s unhappy about this.

JR: 1 Cole: 0

The next competition is for the fans to vote on, a Dance Competition! Cole dances with a red scarf and looks like a white boy doing so. Cole asks JR if he forfeits. JR asks the fans to clap their hands and they’ll get it on. JR very badly dances, shakes his bum, slaps his bum, wiggles, jiggles and looks like the silly old man he is. The fans love it! “JR” chants. Cole razzes JR’s dancing. The fans hate Cole’s dancing and are all for JR.

JR: 2 Cole:0

Cole says it’s come down to the moment of truth. JR’s career, Cole’s career on the line. JR wins he goes back to announcing and Cole leaves forever. JR’s about to pull the biggest choke-job since the Red Sox. The last thing is ‘who weighs less?’ Cole gets on the scale and it’s not even on. He makes a crack about it maybe working now. He weighs in at 220lbs. Cole says JR likes to Tweet about the weight he’s lost, miracles happen. Jr’s at 239lbs. Cole wins and is still the voice of the WWE.

JR: 2 Cole:1

Punk’s music and out he comes. Cole screams that it’s his show, his moment and Punk has no reason to be out there. How dare Punk interrupt Cole? Punk says Cole’s time is up. He thinks it has nothing to do with Punk, but it does. Once it became painfully obvious that Cole wouldn’t let JR get his job back that this whole thing was a waste of time, except the dancing. All these things and JR is a better announcer making this all a colossal waste of time. Cole’s 15 minutes are up. Cole, Laurinaitis and ADR, this show is unbearable. These people wish they had remotes to fast forward through Cole. It’s a three hour show and it feels like Cole’s been there for six. He wants this show to be interesting and will do that when he’s Champ. He will wrestle ten times, be on announce, guest ref, ring announcer, bell keeper, hold camera, mic, anything to make this show better. Right now he’s doing this by getting the camera off Cole’s untalented…

Laurinaitis comes out and talks about Twitter and how his 38K followers wanted to see the competition. He wants to give us all what we’re interested in tonight. Punk will team with Big Show to face Henry and ADR. Good luck.

Cole laughs that Punk’s pipe bomb blew up in Punk’s face. Cole demands Punk apologize to him for all the hurtful things Punk said. Punk smirks, then a headbutt to Cole. Punk on Cole with the anaconda! Cole actually taps. Punk lets go, pats Cole on the shoulder, says he’s sorry, then gets to his feet and poses. Cole is left on the mat. King asks that someone come drag Cole’s body from the ring.

Striker backstage and a limo comes out. He’s all excited about Rocky being there. It was Foley. He didn’t spare any expense, and this was a big expense. He wants to make sure it’s a night Cena and Rocky never forget. Then a cheap pop for Boston.

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WWE Slam of The Week – Two weeks ago Cody and Orton fought. Cody used the mask, then Orton used it. RKO and Orton got the three and bagged Cody.

Sin Cara & Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes & Hunico

Sin Cara out to the ring. King is smiling at announce with JR. Cole’s receiving medical attention, so JR’s hanging out. Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring. Cody out. Split screen Cody says Orton didn’t emasculate him, he emancipated him. Hunico out and looks menacing.

Sin Cara taunts Hunico about the mask, then on him with kicks. Sin Cara flies around, then head scissors. A sort of arm drag sends Hunico flying. Kofi tags in, then sends a victory roll into a sort of monkey flip. Kofi and Sin Cara fly out onto Hunico and Cody. Kofi celebrates and backs into a camera in the process.

> Commercial

Chinlock on sic from Cody. JR picks on Cole for Punk’s abuse. Hunico tags in and comes over the top onto Sin Cara for two. Headlock onto Sin Cara, then he’s slammed to the mat. The fans are very quiet (thanks to Brett for texting me) whenever Hunico is in the ring. Hunico still on Sin Cara hard, but can’t get the three.

Cody tags in. I just realized that Cody doesn’t have his mask on. Hurricanranna on Cody and the fans get louder. Kofi tags in and the fans gets animated. Clotheslines then drop kick to Cody. Kofi up and hits a cross body on Cody for two. Hunico stops the attempt. Sin Cara in and takes Hunico out. Crossroads for three.

Winners: Cody & Hunico

Backstage Rock is walking through. JR reacts like a fan and is all excited.

> Commercial

Santino is playing the new WWE video game. Ryder in and asks if Santino will sign his petition. Santino is busy having rocy beat up Chena. Santino talks up this new version and blah, blah, blah. Ryder says his broski Cena will beat up Rock everyday of the week. Santino uses Rock’s ‘It doesn’t matter what you think!’ Ryder with woo, woo, woo, so Santino finished the ‘you know it!’ and signed the petition.

Vickie out and JR says his ears are being pierced. EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! Earlier today WWE.com stated that Christian has an ankle injury and neck injury so Christian is out of the SS Match. Vickie said it was Long’s incompetence that forced Christian to compete. The good news is that she’s happy to announce that… Dolph comes out and announces that he’s on Team Barrett. It’s funny that it’s Team Barrett when Dolph’s the one with the Title, the looks, the skills, charisma and on and on and how good is he at this? He’s officially in action this Sunday. Tonight he’s taking on something who’s more cyborg than man. Two first names, Mason Ryan. Dolph heads to the ring with a glowing Vickie beside him.

> Commercial

Laurinaitis and Cole out to announce. Laurinaitis tells JR to leave as Cole yells at him to hit the bricks. Cole yells about suing JR. Cole’s arm is in a sling.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie vs Mason Ryan

Ryan out to the ring as Cole rants on announce.

Ryan with a big grin, but Dolph ducks a clothesline. Dolph tries to flee the ring, but Ryan catches him by his trunks and clotheslines him. Big boot to Dolph, then Ryan gets Dolph well over his head and raises him higher, over and over. Dolph lands on the mat hard. Vickie on the apron, then slaps Ryan.

Winner: Ryan via DQ

Ryan turns to grab Dolph, but he flees. Vickie and Dolph on the ramp when JoMo comes out and tosses Dolph back into the ring. Full nelson on Dolph and he’s tossed like a ragdoll, then slammed to the mat.

Backstage Foley runs into Ryder. Foley will sign if he can wear the bling, then decides it will clash with the flannel. He learns the fist pump and signs.

> Commercial

Justin announces Foley who comes out to the ring. He’s lost some weight and cut his hair into a rather sad mullet, but looks great. “Foley” chants. He thanks them and looks a bit in awe. As a Kansas farm girl once said, there’s no place like home. Feels great to be back in the WWE, but he has to be serious. This Sunday there will be an epic battle. They’re talking about this team being never before, never again, but he’d like to think they could do it again and form the Rock ‘N Cena connection. Talking about one of his best friends, Rock and his partner Cena. Huge heat from the hometown crowd! He says they can, but hopes they’d see him as one of the best performers in history. He’s going to try to make things right by introducing Mr. John Cena. Cena out to the stage and yells, “Love me!”

Cena asks if they can believe this? Huge heat. Sold out excited Garden in Boston and Foley invites him to join him in the ring. He and Rock don’t have to be friends to Tag. He asked the Rock because he’s fantastic, electrifying. Most electrifying man in all entertainment. He didn’t ask to be a friend. Foley says he pushed to say they’re good friends. They know each other and have great respect. Cena agrees that he has huge respect for Foley. Foley says he can sum this up as a tale of two writings. In 2006 he watched Cena in the ring, then how he reacted backstage and wrote Cena a handwritten letter. He was impressed with how Cena treated EVERYBODY back there with respect and that makes Cena a hell of a man.

Now then there’s Twitter. He got on and pushed legacy of great matches Cena had on the WWE. It was like a firestorm of controversy. Foley thinks Cena’s one of the best to step foot in the ring. Foley shows off his shirt. It was two, now it’s one. It’s half Rock’s and half Cena’s. Foley wants to be the thread to bring them together. He’s done it before and will do it again. Cena, This Is Your Life! Cene doesn’t think this is a good idea, he’s seen this before!

Nice video starting out in W. Newbury with nude baby6 photos and silly videos of him very young, then to the ring with old pics and video. Some really early rapping Cena videos. All of the many shirt colors. Cena is scowling at the tron. He asked Foley what song that was.

Foley says Cena will know this voice. It’s Cena’s Little League coach. Cena looks a bit green. The coach, who doesn’t look old enough to be his coach, and hugs Cena. Cena doesn’t hug back. The coach talks about the team only needing a base hit and Cena struck out. The coach said that would make Cena a better man, but he still cried his eyes out. Foley says everybody strikes out now and then. Cena tells Foley he’s striking out right now. Foley says to turn that frown upside-down.

Foley hears from someone influential to Cena’s career. It’s Bull Buchanan! Video from January 2003 and it’s really bad, right down to the the plaid bucket hat. Bull only said Booyah! Bull out with a big smile, Cena’s not thrilled. Cena doesn’t look like he knew anything about this. Booyah from Bull again. Nervous talk between them. Bull says Cena was the best tag partner he ever had, bar none. He doesn’t want to get mushy, but it was the greatest time in his life. All great tag teams break up, but look at Cena! Maybe one of the greatest superstars of all time. It’s been okay for him. He was fired, didn’t see that coming. Old lady ran off. Lost all his money in a ponsey scheme. Remember Bull’s dog? Bit him, gave him rabies, ended his career. Cena ruined his life! Cena says, finally something worse than the Shockmaster!

Foley said he just wanted to go back. Foley didn’t know. But the next will make Cena happy, his father. Johnny Fabulous (local wrestling color) comes out and Cena is very happy! His hair isn’t as horribly dyed as it was the last I saw him. Handshake for Foley, hug for his boy. King says Cena Sr. is a bit over the top. He wants to talk to those testosterone jacked apes who chant ‘Cena sucks!’ Cena doesn’t suck, you suck. Cena leans on the top rope laughing. How dare they hassle his son! Do they know how hard he works? Little children love him, so let’s be cool, let’s boo him. Cena says they will now! Sr. says they’re not cool, they’re losers. Cena stops him and says he knows what he’s trying to do, not the time for this. They’ll hit up Calhoun’s later.

Foley thanks Foley. He’s never said how people should think. This ring is his life, in front of these people, if they want to boo or cheer, this is all he has. That’s what he’ll show on Sunday. This is one of wrestling’s greatest tragedies, right up there with the gobbledegooker. This is done. Foley will grant that it hasn’t gone well, but has about five lined up back there. The best one first. Foley starts talking up this beautiful girl and so on, but Rocky’s music hits and cuts him off. Rock into the ring and hits a Rock bottom on him. Rock then leaves the ring, up the ramp and out with nothing. Cena down checking on Foley, huge smile on his face. Cena looks like a little kid with a huge smile.

> Commercial

Social Media Mania >
Most Twitter followers in the WWE
1) The Rock > 1,476,766
2) John Cena > 1,049,787

Sheamus vs Jack Swagger w/ Vickie

Sheamus out to the ring with a huge smile on his face. Sheamus gave an award to Beiber. Swagger out with his pushups and Vickie by his side.

They lock up and muscle around. Side headlock takeover on Swagger. Shoulder block to Swagger. Body lock take down on Sheamus. Clotheslines to Swagger, then knee drops in the ropes as Vickie screeches. Swagger clotheslined from the ring.

> Commercial

Forearms to Swagger through the ropes. Snap suplex on Swagger for two. Swagger ducks a clothesline and dives to take out Sheamus’ leg. Shoulder block drops Sheamus for two as Vickie screams. Cena Sr. is trending worldwide on Twitter. Blows to Swagger, but Swagger back with a belly-to-belly for two.

Arm/neck hold on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus to the ropes, then an arm to the back. Again into the ropes and to the back. Shoulder block drops Swagger and both take a moment. To their feet and Sheamus with clotheslines, then blows in a corner. Clothesline in a corner, then Swagger slammed hard to the mat for two and Vickie is all thrilled that Swagger kicked out. Sheamus sets up for the Celtic cross, but Swagger free and a blow to Sheamus’ back. Swagger splashes Sheamus, then the ankle lock. Sheamus won’t tap, rolls over and kicks Swagger away and from the ring. Irish curse backbreaker to Swagger. Brogue kick to Swagger for three.

Winner: Sheamus

Vickie screeches from outside the ring. Sheamus poses for the fans and all smiles.

Backstage the Bellas sign for Ryder. ADR comes up and the Bellas want to know what ADR is driving. They want to party with ADR after he beats Punk. Ryder says he’s going to party all night long. ADR and Ricardo leave and the Bellas are not happy. Ryder doesn’t know what he said.

> Commercial

Natalya w/ Beth vs Kelly Kelly w/ Fox & Eve

Video of the cover shoot for Maxim as all five stand in the ring.

Kelly in her Pat’s jersey slammed to the mat. Backed into a corner, then she moves for Natalya to eat the corner, then a stink face from Kelly. Natalya sets up for the sharpshooter, but Kelly somehow rolled her up and got the three.

Winner: Kelly

The faces flee the ring and laugh at the heels in the ring.

> Commercial

This coming SD Orton and Sheamus will face Barrett and Cody before their SS Match on Sunday.

Backstage Laurinaitis on the cell saying to not debut on Rock’s show. Next week they’ll do it big. It was Brodus Clay. ADR in talking about Hombre magazine. Laurinaitis says Punk has made a laughing stock of ADR. Laurinaitis is impartial, but Punk can cause a lot more trouble for RAW and the WWE if he’s Champ. ADR doesn’t think Punk will make it to SS. This industry is better with ADR as Champ and he will be for a long time, longer than Laurinaitis will be GM.

At announce Cole says he’s rooting for ADR after what Punk did to them. King and Cole then run through the matches slated for Survivor Series.

Striker with R-Truth and Miz backstage. Do they feel overshadowed by Rock and Cena? They don’t say a word. Disrespected last week? Nothing. What can they do to get the attention of Cena and Rock at SS? Nothing and they walk away.

Punk is heading for the ring, but ADR attacks him from behind. Punk into the WWE truck, then ADR stomps Punk. A couple refs pull ADR off Punk who holds his head and looks like he can barely move.

> Commercial

ADR w/ Ricardo & Mark Henry vs Big Show & CM Punk

Ricardo announces ADR who drives out in a black Mercedes SL550. Cole talks about Hombre magazine and shows that ADR is on the cover. Henry out to tag with him. He’s announced at 412lbs and looks rather cranky getting in the ring. Big Show out and looks rather svelte for 441lbs. Punk’s music and he comes stomping out to the ring. Punk goes around the ring to try to get at ADR. Big Show convinces Punk to get in the ring. ADR into Ricardo’s face for Punk being out there.

Big Show into the ring, so Henry tags out. ADR slammed to the mat hard. Big slap to ADR’s chest in one corner, then the opposite corner. ADR slammed to the mat at Punk tags in. Punk stomps the heck out of ADR in a corner. The ref pulls him off three times. Sick suplex to ADR for two. Big Show tags in and an arm to ADR’s gut. ADR flees and tags out.

They lock up and push, nothing. Finally Henry pushes Big Show off. They lock up, nothing. Finally Big Show is pushed off. Big Show takes off his shirt and back in to lock up, nothing. Big Show pushes Henry off and to the mat. Big Show with kicks and punches. Big Show picks up Henry, then falls back as Henry’s weight is too much. Henry all over Big Show. Elbow drop to Big Show’s leg. ADR tags in and kicks Big Show in the face over and over. ADR gets two, then back on the kicks. Henry tags in and punches Big Show in the head. A stomp to Big Show. Big Show on his knees and fighting back with blows. Big Show to his feet, headbutt, then another and another. Shoulder block drops Henry. Big Show calls for the big right, but Henry tags out quickly.

ADR legal, but not wanting in. He yells and argues with Henry who’s out to the floor.

> Commercial

Punk and ADR on the mat. Henry tags in and keeps Punk from tagging out. Headbutt to Punk, then a big blow to his head. Henry stands on Punk in the ropes. Cole says Laurinaitis’ Tweet thanks Cole for toughing it out. ADR tags in and on Punk’s shoulder. ADR rushes Punk in a corner and eats a foot. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Punk for two. Henry in and on Punk with a headbutt. Henry stands on Punk’ s face with one foot as the fans chant for Punk. ADR tags in and on Punk’s shoulder in a big way. Punk to his feet and blows. They go back and forth with blows and ADR into a high knee. Clotheslines to ADR with a rolling neckbreaker. Henry rushes in and Punk kicks him in the head. Big Show in with a superkick to Henry.

Punk climbs, Henry pushes ADR out of the way. Henry catches Punk and slams him to the mat. Big Show in with a shoulder tackle. Outside Big Show eats post while ADR pins Punk for three.

Winner: ADR & Henry

ADR locks on Punk’s arm with the breaker. Big Show finally makes it into the ring and chases ADR away. Punk is left holding his arm and shoulder, lolling on the mat.

Video recap of This Is Your Life. Rocky came out, hit a Rock bottom on Foley, then left the ring. Cena is left all smiles and Rocky’s music was still rolling.

> Commercial

Video highlights of the last Match, then after the Match. Cole tries to make it right that ADR should be able to abuse Punk after the anaconda the other day.

Santino to the ring it was this very ring, this very building, this very city where he came this close to winning the Royal Rumbles. He would have done it to if not for that son-of-a-gun ADR. Boston is famous for a lot, tea parties and their cream sandwiches. It will aslo be known to be the city where Santino put his career back on the tracks. When Santino comes back he’ll be Champion!

Nash’s music cuts him off. Nash out, in over the top and stands looking at Santino. Santino says please tell him one thing, he’s not there to beat Santino and prove a statement, are you? Nash asks why would he want to do that. He’s one of Santino’s biggest fans. He was talking about the RR and brought back fond memories. Nash wants to see the trombone. Santino shows him, then turns right around into the big boot.

Nash says he was in the RR and blew the roof off this building. A number of fans agree and cheer for him. Nash goes on to say he got the biggest pop of the night, and he’s right, he did. I was there, as I wish I was now. Did his good buddy Trip have the business sense to hire him? No! Guess what Trip? Nash’s there and Trip’s not. Nash drops the mic, pulls Santino to his feet and hits his jackknife. Cole, in a sad tone, calls it ‘vintage’ Nash. Both Cole and King discuss Nash in a negative way as he leaves up the ramp.

Backstage Orton is readying for his Match.

> Commercial

Jonah Hill will Guest Star RAW next week.

They talk up ordering WWE 12.

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

Wade out to the ring, leading his entire SS Team! Video of Wade defeating Orton last week with a thumb to Orton’s eye. Wade says last Friday he proved Orton is the past, Wade is the present and future. In consecutive weeks the Barrett barrage defeated Orton and Sheamus. Again he will devenomize the Viper. Orton leads his team down to the ring. Orton into the ring and stares out onto Wade and his team. Orton then poses.

> Commercial

Upper cuts to Wade. Orton into a corner and out with clothesline. Suplex on Wade, then a knee drop for two. Orton stomps Wade’s hand. Wade grabs Orton into a beautiful side slam for two. Blows to Orton’s head, then Orton is whipped and sells it. Wade stomps Orton in the corner as the heels watch closely. Orton out and fighting back, but Wade on him with blows, then a chinlock to the mat. Orton to his feet, but Wade wrenches on his hold to bring Orton back to the mat. Orton suplexes out of the hold.

Clotheslines to Wade, then that sick scoop slam! Orton pulls Wade up and to the apron. Orton hits his through the ropes DDT. Orton stalks Wade, but Cody rushes the ring and attacks Orton from behind. Of course this causes a DQ.

Winner: Orton via DQ

The faces clear most of the ring. Dolph sent to the apron, then a brogue kick from Sheamus and that leaves Hunico the lone heel in the ring. RKO to Hunico, then Ryan picks Hunico up high over his head and tosses him out onto his team.

Video of Rocky taking out Foley with a Rock bottom. The goofy grin on Cena’s face made him look like a little boy seeing his hero.

> Commercial

Rocky to the ring, posing on corners, playing up to the fans in a huge way. He soaks it in, then calls for a mic. “Rocky!” chants and cheers. A big smile from the formerly serious Rock, then serious and more chants. At 3:15am Rock woke up. By 3:30 Rock was eating breakfast, not a Fruity Pebble in sight. By 3:45 Rock was sending out his Tweets to the millions ‘and millions’ of Team Bring It. By 4:30 Rock was in the gym training like a beast, clangin’ and bangin’. By 6:00am he was on the GI Joe set in New Orleans, shooting, driving around a 15 ton tank,but it didn’t matter because the Rock couldn’t wait. By 3:00 he was on a flight. By 6:45 he arrived at Logan Airport. By 7pm he was running into a security guard who said, “Hey Rock, you’re a wicked pissah.” (I’ll complain about this in my Blog!) Rock said thanks and that he has great aim. By 7:30 Rock was driving by one of his favorite places to eat, the North End. (Known for their amazing Italian food.) The fans love this. Rock says smelling the Italian food from a mile away. Rock won’t stop, ain’t gonna stop, no way! Rock waiting until this moment, right here, in this ring for Rock to say FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO BOSTON! The fans are wild!

Rock says in six days, SS. 25Th anniversary of SS. The biggest SS of all time. One problem, that’s six days, not right now. Right now drives the Rock. Foley, love you like a brother, these people love you, but there was no way he could stand back there any longer while Foley served that plate of hot steaming garbage to the fans all night long. “Thank you Rock!” chants. ‘You’re welcome.’ Right now drives the Rock, moments like this, drives the Rock. Right now is why Rock is the most electrifying man in all entertainment. Which is why Rock has become the most electrifying man in Twitter-tainment. The fans give him some heat for this. When Rock talks on Twitter it goes like this, Rock talks about boots-to-asses, you can forget about the Kardashian wedding, the NBA lockdown, hell Bigfoot himself could become president, but the only thing trending is boots-to-asses and it’s trending right NOW! “Rocky!” chants. “Boots-to-asses!” chants. Huge smile from Rocky.

They made Twitter history from right there in Boston. He came to Boston to make sure RAW got Rocked. The People’s Champ to the People, Rock ain’t waiting six days. He hitting an awesome ass whipping to Awesome Truth.

Awwesome Truth come out to the ring. Miz in a beautiful gray suit with a purple and white plaid shirt and mauve tie. R-Truth in a leather jacket over what seems to be a Mr. Roger’s type cardigan, but it is!

Really? Really? Really Rock, that’s what he wants? R-Truth says they have news for the Rock. ‘What?’ Don’t what me! ‘What?’ Rock doing anything to them? He’s the most delusional in entertainment or Twitter-tainment. RAW gets Rocked, what a joke! Truth is, everytime they’re on the show, RAW gets… Miz finshes with Awesome! Miz says they don’t care what Rock does or says, they care about leaving him a beaten quivering mess. R-Truth says they can do that right now. Rocky steps up at R-Truth, Miz puts a hand on R-Truth’s chest. Off comes the leather jacket. Miz says it’s not going to happen right now. They don’t care what Rock or the people want. It’s all about what they want. What they want is to make history at the biggest SS of all time! Tonight RAW gets Rocked! This Sunday Rock gets beat. R-Truth says that’s the truth! “Boots-to-asses!” chants.

Cena’s music hits as Miz and R-Truth get to the ropes to leave. Cena looks at Miz and R-Truth and ask if they’re wearing makeup? Cena says to excuse his partner, tells everyone the captain of Team Bring It, all he’s brought is some crappy messages via satellite. Huge heat for that one! Rock doesn’t flinch, but holds the mic up to say to excuse Rock’s partner, he’s not used to having the support of someone who’s reached puberty. Cena smirks. Rocks says his partner is so concerned with rising above the hate when she should be worried about Rock’s size 15 boot rising up and kicking him in his lady parts. By the way, right now, Cena’s lady part? Trending worldwide. A ‘lady parts’ chant.

Cena comments on the ‘lady parts’ chant. Cena says that despite his partner’s fascination with Twitter and Cena’s fictional man- gina, Sunday they have to be a team. If his ego gets in the way of the team, ‘Cena bitch-slapped Rocky’ will be trending worldwide. Shocked reaction from the fans.

Miz says he’s so sick of this. Excuse my partner, excuse my partner. Really? Sick of the Rock and Cena show making them an afterthought. Then again, why not? Last time they did that Miz won the main event at WM! Everybody’s talking about Rock and Cena, Cena and Rock, why not make it a national holiday? Saying never before and never again. When they’re done with them at MSG, it will never be forgotten. R-Truth says Little Johnny and Little Rocky want to go back and forth for all the Little Jimmies. Have a blast, they’ll see them Sunday!

Rock holds up a hand. “Boots-to-asses!” chants. Rock says they will see them on Sunday, but as they’re (fans) are saying, they’re all there right now, boots-to-asses. Rocky on R-Truth, Cena on Miz. Cena and Miz out of the way for Rocky to wail on R-Truth and get the camera time. Rock bottom on R-Truth. Miz up for an AA, but he wiggles free. Rock is there, grabs Miz and hits a Rock bottom. Cena turns to see Rock walking up the ramp. On the stage Rocky turns and slowly waves his hand in front of his face. Rock says, off mic, he will show Cena how it’s done. Show him how it’s done this Sunday.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Team Barrett