RAW Report 11/1/10 Long Island, New York

RAW this week starts with Orton on his way to the ring. He looks at his strap, then heads down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp he raises his arms, strap in his right hand, high. The fans go wild. Orton into the ring, mic in hand. The fans still wild. Orton looks at his belt, then out at the fans. A small “Randy” chant, then he raises his belt and the fans cheer. He doesn’t think there’s a man alive who can take this Title from him. If someone did, he’d accept it. He wouldn’t be happy, but he’d accept it. What wouldn’t make him happy is if he lost it due to a crooked ref. Heat from the fans. Especially if that crooked ref just happened to be Cena. So, he’d like to ask Cena out to the ring. If he’s going to screw Orton at SS, he should be man enough to tell Orton to his face.

Cena stomps directly to the ring, no fanfare on the stage, just out to his music and into the ring. Cena says Orton of all people, but cut him some slack. He’s smart enough to know Title come and go. If Wade beats Orton at SS, he’s out of Nexus finally! But if Orton beats him, Cena’s fired. That’s his SS. On top of that he’s Special Guest Ref. if there’s a situation, he doesn’t know – Cena just stops talking. Some “Cena” chants, but just lots of yelling. See all this unrest in the WWE Universe. He doesn’t know what he’ll do. He’s free or fired!

Orton says he sees it. It’s Cena’s bleeding heart way of saying he will screw Orton at SS. Cena says no. what he’s telling him is – Orton says if Cena screws him over at SS, sure, he’ll keep his job, but he’ll be the biggest phony in the WWE. Mixed reaction to that. Don’t even come out here talking about hustle, loyalty and respect, especially respect. He follows Wade’s orders and he disrespects every person who’s been champ, including himself. Orton told Cena to get out of his ring, he doesn’t deserve to be in it. Orton forgets, he’s not allowed to leave the ring unless Wade tells him to.

Cena snaps. He asks Orton if he thinks Cena likes this? He’s an errand boy, damn it! He’s worked hard to get there and now he’s getting coffee. Don’t talk to him about Wade. They have everything under control and they run the show. He hates to say this, but he’s been in the ring with Wade and he might have enough skill to compete for the Title. Orton rolls his eyes. Cena says we all know Wade won’t do it straight up. Wade is classless. It’s Wade who doesn’t know about respect! Orton gives a half nod.

Of course this brings Nexus out, led by Wade. Slater on one side, Gabriel on the other of Wade, belts around their waists. Wade thanks Cena for those kind words. He has permission to say what he wants about Wade as actions will speak louder than words. They both know, when push comes to shove Cena will do as Wade tells him and raise his hand as Champion.

Cena says that either way it’s over in three weeks. Either Wade wins or – Wade says or he’s fired! Cena asks Orton if he can have a second with his boss. Cena says yes, this will come to a head in three weeks. No matter how it happens, he won’t go quietly. When it’s all over, Cena will beat the hell out of Wade.

Orton says to Cena that he doesn’t have to wait until SS. Wade is nothing but a scared, pathetic little child who hides behind others. He will beat Wade unconscious at SS until there’s nothing left but for Cena to count to ten and raise his hand. Unless Wade wants to come to the ring now, alone, and prove otherwise. Wade starts to head for the ring, but –

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “Randy Orton, as the WWE Champion, I feel for the position you are in. You want to know what Cena’s going to do. We all want to know. So I think we should find out tonight. Later this evening there will be a main event with Wade and a partner of his choice versus Orton and a partner of his choosing. The Special Guest Ref will be Cena.” None of the three of them look happy about this.

– Commercial

Smith and Kidd to the ring. Gabriel and Slater were there waiting.

Hart Dynasty (Smith & Kidd) Vs. Nexus (Slater & Gabriel)

Slater and Kidd lock up. Arm hold and hip toss to Slater. Smith tags in and keeps the arm bar on. Slater slammed to the mat. Leg drop on the arm, elbow drop, then a big delayed vertical. Smith covered for two. Upper cut to Slater, then Smith reversed out and Gabriel got a blind tag. Slater rolled out, Smith was attacked and stomped by Gabriel.

Slater tagged in and worked Smith over in the heel corner. More stomping, then Gabriel tags in. Chinlock in the center of the ring on Smith. Smith got free and hit a sick scoop slam on Gabriel. Kidd tagged in and hit a drop kick, then a back elbow and clothesline. A spinning neck breaker to Gabriel for two. Slater broke up the attempt. Smith in and removed him from the ring. Drop kick and Gabriel rolled out. Kidd flew over the top, but Smith was thrown in the way. Kidd took Smith out. Kick through the ropes to Slater, but this gave Gabriel the chance to take Kidd down. 450 and Gabriel got the three.

Winners – Gabriel & Slater

Video of the mess with Hart Dynasty and how the whole match went wrong for them. Kidd on the mat, Smith backed up the ramp yelling in at him. Slater and Gabriel posed on corners.

Backstage R-Truth in to see Cena. He wants to know what Cena will do. Cena says he told Orton, he doesn’t know what he will do. R-Truth says he’s not Orton, he’s Cena’s friend. Cena just walks off.

Promo for SD! Edge verses Alberto Del Rio.

– Commercial

Sheamus out to the ring. Video of Santino beating Sheamus last week with JoMo outside the ring. Sheamus was pissed, Santino very confused. Sheamus rubbed his face in the ring, then says he figures they think he’s going to throw a temper tantrum because Santino pulled off the biggest upset in the WWE last week. The thing is Santino didn’t beat him because he beat himself. Santino, he’s given him a week to bask in the glory of his fluke victory. So fella, he dares him to come out one more time.

Santino’s music starts quickly. Santino out in street clothes, his own t-shirt. From the stage Santino says he respects Sheamus as a human beans. In fact, he’s a little bit fan of his. Last night he want out for Halloween, trick or treating as Sheamus. The only problem is everyone thought he was a ghost. In fact that’s quite irritating. No wonder he’s quite angry person. Speaking of irritating, last night he consumed a tremendous amount of candy. Sure you can eat caramel, nougat and chocolate. On their own they’re fine, but together – Santino started gagging, almost hurled. See, unfortunately the doctor told him if he wrestled, he’d probably accidentally throw up. In his face! He doesn’t think anyone here wants to see that. Of course the fans would LOVE to see that and got loud about it. He did find Sheamus a suitable replacement.

Out comes Kozlov with a mic in hand. He tells Sheamus that he talk funny. Now, he crushes him!

Sheamus Vs. Kozlov w/ Santino

They lock up, Sheamus backed into a corner. Sheamus backs Kozlov out. Kozlov grabs his leg, but is pushed off. Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked in the chest for it. Side headlock takeover on Sheamus. They get up and Kozlov backed into a corner. Blows to Kozlov. Sheamus nails a sick backbreaker. Sheamus gets two, then drops knees to the back of Kozlov’s head. Up and Kozlov head butts Sheamus a number of times, then a big boot. Sheamus gets his foot on the rope to break the count.

Outside the ring Santino keeps yelling encouragement to Kozlov. Double axe handle to the top of Kozlov’s head and he goes down. A brogue kick and Sheamus gets three.

Winner – Sheamus

Sheamus rolled Kozlov from the ring with a foot. Sheamus turns to see Santino in the ring and stands on his hand to stop him. Santino gets free and backs from the ring, Sheamus right up in his face. Santino offers candy, it’s slapped away. Santino offers a couple of dollars. Santino offers his credit card, he’s re-building his credit. He then offers a check. Sheamus attacks, gets Santino up, but JoMo out and kicks Sheamus in the gut and kicks him in the head sending him flying off the stage. Santino celebrated all over the stage behind JoMo who just stands there looking down.

Backstage R-Truth approaches Orton. R-Truth says they might be cool, but he’s friends with Cena and he’s worried. He thinks Cena has his mind made up. He thinks Cena should have quit way back. Orton contemplates this. R-Truth says he thinks Cena will look Orton square in the eye while he counts Wade Champion. Orton says he thinks R-Truth should be his partner tonight. See how Cena treats his friends. R-Truth agrees. Orton says he thinks they’ll find out tonight that Cena doesn’t have any friends.

– Commercial

Backstage Henry on his cell talking about Evan being hurt a few weeks ago. He’s not just his partner, but his friend. Back to back with Henry is Pee-Wee talking on his cell telling Henry about a splinter he got that wouldn’t come out and got infected. It filled with puss until he couldn’t move without excruciating pain. Then, one night it came out in a hot bath and everything was fine. They then hung up. Henry says that’s a great story, but he still needs a partner. Pee-Wee says he’d love to be his partner. Pee-Wee’s Super strong and he’s Henry’s idol and he’s the man to give him a big hug. Henry gets Pee-Wee up in a huge hug. Pee-Wee couldn’t breathe. Pee-Wee said he knows what will cheer him up – Diva Twister. Henry, Eve, Bellas and Melina playing.

Pee-Wee hands the spinner off to Eve and he addresses the fans. He says it’s he, Pee-Wee Herman and he’s taken a little time off from his production of The Pee-Wee Herman Show. There will be chills, spills and plenty of surprises, right Lita?

Lita, red hair and all, steps into the shot and agree with him! Pee-Wee says to be there or be square. They call Lita over to play and she’s all perky and in Pee-Wee mode. She went over, hip bumped and everyone fell over. All laughed.

– Commercial

Promo video for WWE and the Armed Forces.

Zack Ryder in the ring. They’re in his hometown, therefore he has no chance! Zeke out to the ring to face Ryder. I knew Ryder didn’t have a chance! Zeke talks smack to Zack before the bell.

Zack Ryder Vs. Ezekial Jackson

Zack on Zeke with forearms to the head. One handed Zeke took Zack’s throat in his hand and threw him into the ropes. On rebound Zeke hit a couple of sick clotheslines. Zeke got Zack high above his head and threw him down. A big one handed choke slam for three and it was all over.

Winner – Zeke

Zeke posed. Video of the hometown squash, most of it as the highlights were as long as the match!

Cole says Wade chose Otunga to tag with him against Orton and R-Truth in the main event.

– Commercial

Justin in the ring announces Pee-Wee Herman, talking up his accolades. Out to the ring comes Pee-Wee in full Pee-Wee mode! Cole talks about how to see Pee-Wee on Broadway.

He thanks everyone, though no one is interested. He says he’s totally feeling RAW and gets little, but mixed reaction. He says he wants to explain tonight’s secret word. Tonight’s secret word is ‘ring’ and Cole is so into the secret word game. Everyone’s supposed to scream really loudly. Cole is into it and can’t get King excited. Pee-Wee says he feels like a million dollars and Miz’s music hits. Pee-Wee looks confused, stupefied.

Miz and Riley stomp out to the ring. King tells Cole to sit down, Miz doesn’t need a standing ovation. Pee-Wee offers Miz his hand, but gets nothing. Miz says he thought RAW losing at Bragging Rights was the lowest point in the history of this show, obviously he was wrong. Miz says he doesn’t like Pee-Wee. Riley does, but Miz doesn’t never has. He was always a He-Man and Masters Of The Universe guy, he loved that show. Pee-Wee asks Miz why he doesn’t marry He-Man? Miz tells Herman to turn around and get out of his ring.

Everyone screams for the secret word. Riley turns to Miz and tells him that he can’t say the secret word! Miz says he doesn’t know about a stupid word or a stupid show. He needs to get out of his ring!

Of course the yelling again. Miz says that Pee-Wee with his stupid red bowtie and stupid gray suit. He’s not a cultural icon, he’s nothing more than a pathetic excuse of a man. “I know you are, but what am I?” asked Pee-Wee. Miz says that’s real cute. Pee-Wee echoes Miz as he speaks. Riley steps in for him and Pee-Wee does the same echoing to him. Riley can’t get anywhere and finally Miz comes in yelling stop it over and over. He asks Pee-Wee if he’s stupid? He doesn’t care if he’s on Broadway, if he was on TV, does he want Miz to beat him into a pulp?

Pee-Wee asks if that should scare him? He’s shaking! Miz is starting to make Pee-Wee angry. He’s a loner, a rebel. All three get into a ‘really’ asking match until Pee-Wee ends it with “really infinity!” they can stand around and play the really game all night, but he’ll give them a little advice, do not anger the Pee! Riley laughed at Miz. Pee-Wee says he has his cousin backstage. Miz says that’s why he’s so confident? Yeah! His cousin will protect him? Yeah! Miz says that’s so funny, he forgot to laugh – in a Pee-Wee voice, of course. Miz says to bring his cousin, the whole Herman family. Pee-Wee says he’ll be out to wipe that smile off his face because he’s so awesome!

Big Show’s music hits and he comes out in a way too tiny gray suit, red tie and silly wave. Pee-Wee dances around a smiling Big Show and laughs. Riley charges, Big Show grabs his throat with one hand, then Miz with the other. He choke slams them both over the top and out. Pee-Wee up into Big Show’s arms. Pee-Wee asks if they had a nice trip out of the ring. Of course the screaming for ring started again.

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “Miz, you’re not getting out of this so easy. You said you’d beat anyone in Pee-Wee’s family. Well, tonight’s secret word is, pain. Because you’re going to face Pee-Wee Herman’s cousin The Big Pee-Wee.” Pee-Wee’s music plays and he dances with Big Show in the ring. Cole now thinks this is all lame.

– Commercial

Big Pee-Wee Vs. Miz

Miz dodges around Big Show, but is caught and chopped in a corner. Miz slammed face first into a corner, then another chop. Miz runs the ropes, then drops down and flees the ring. He and Riley discuss things outside the ring.

Miz back in, bounces around, but gets caught and flung across the ring by his head. Big slap to Miz’s chest. Miz ducks a clothesline, then kicks at Big Show’s knee. Big Show comes back with a clothesline. Big Show gets Miz up and slams him down. Elbow drop to Miz for two as Cole talks about how valiant Miz is. Head butt to Miz, then Miz fights back with kicks to Big Show’ knee. Blows to Big Show’s head, then a low drop kick to Big Show’s knee. More blows Big Show, then he chokes Big Show from behind. Sleeper on Big Show who’s down on one knee. Riley and Cole high five.

Big Show to his feet, Miz still on his back. Big Show falls back, slamming Miz to the ring. Cole talks about all the Miz-fits out there. Head butt to Miz, then Big Show climbs to the second ropes, stares down at Riley with the case, but Miz avoids the splash. Big Show easily kicks out of the attempt. Miz stomps and kicks to keep Big Show down. Miz climbs, double axe handle to Big Show’ head. Miz climbs and does that a second time. On the third time Big Show hit’s the mat. Chinlock on Big Show as Riley slams the case around on the apron. Big Show to his feet, slams mix off. Miz up and runs into clotheslines, two of them. Big back body drop to Miz. Big Show calls for the train, but Miz moves. Big Show grabs Miz by the throat. Riley up on the apron. Big Show throws Miz into Riley, but the case lands in the ring. Miz grabs the case and nails Big Show in the gut with it. The ref sees this and calls for the bell.

Winner – Big Show via DQ

Case to Big Show’s back. Miz drops the case, leaves the ring and takes the case with him. All three are in pain – Miz and Riley on the ramp, Big Show in the ring. Video of where it was all turned around and the case ends up in the ring. Big Show stares up the ramp at Miz and Riley.

Cole sets up for the Stand Up For The WWE video. Dennis Miller, Ryan Phillippe, Florence Henderson, Bob Barker, Jeremy Piven, Jon Lovitz, Cedric The Entertainer, Jewel, Johnny Knoxville, Maria Menounos all talk about how everyone in such a huge company are all so nice. That it’s like a family and how great everyone it is. How they don’t like it when something so long standing and wonderful is denigrated the way it has been lately. After that Cole says he remembers when they were in LA, Shaq brought his whole family and they sat in the front row. After the show Shaq told them how it was one of the best nights of their lives.

Backstage Cena was spoken to by Wade. He says after Cena raises Wade’s hand in victory, he can then clean Wade’s locker room. Cena was shocked. Wade said after Cena sweeps and mops, then he can scrub Wade’s back. Wade was all smiles, Cena looks green. Otunga says Cena won’t have to scrub Wade back because it won’t be Wade’s hand raised, it will be Otunga’s. He has the most talent of anyone in Nexus. Even more talent than Cena. Cena sneers and looks off, shaking his head in disgust.

– Commercial

Promo for Goldust and Aksana getting married tomorrow night on NXT.

Ted DiBiase out to the ring, Maryse on his arm in a tight red dress and a bad attitude. Ted rolls in then holds the ropes for Maryse. Bryan out to the ring to face Ted.

Ted DiBiase Vs. Daniel Bryan

They lock up and Bryan’s backed into a corner. The ref breaks them up. Ted goes for an attack, but Bryan reverses Ted into the corner and kicks him in the ribs over and over. Ted comes out and kicks Bryan in the face. Blows to Bryan, then chokes him in a corner with a foot. Maryse over to announce and says something to Cole. Cole says, “I’ll let him know.”

Ted on Bryan with blows, then whips Bryan. “Daniel Bryan!” chants. Ted drops a stomp in the center of Bryan’s back. Bryan comes back with punches, but kicked to the gut. Bryan is whipped but gets a foot up in Ted’s face. Bryan up, sits up top, but Ted punches Bryan who falls from the ring. Maryse over and hands something, a piece of jewelry to Cole for him to hold.

Ted on Bryan, punches on him. Ted pins for two, then again. Elbow to the top of Bryan’s head, then chinlock in the center of the ring. Bryan up and out as Maryse fixes his hair. Bryan up on Ted’s back, pulls him down and pins for two. Drop toe hold to Ted, then Bryan rolls for another two. Ted kicks Bryan in the ribs. Bryan whipped, but runs up the corner and back flips over Ted. Clothesline to Ted and Bryan is pumped up. Kick to Ted’s chest, then another and a third, 4th, 5th! Ted then nails Bryan with a spine buster for two.

Ted stalks Bryan, but Bryan is able to lock in his LaBell lock. Ted held out for a bit, but then tapped out.

Winner – Bryan via submission

Bryan backs up the ramp with his strap as Maryse into the ring. She talks to Ted about him losing. Ted screams into her face that he needs his Title back and they’re going to break it up, understand?

– Commercial

Lay-Cool out. Michelle says she thinks they got off on the wrong foot. She doesn’t care about the Divas and the wrestlers, but she does worry about the WWE Universe. In unison they said they’re sorry. The more they give, the more they take the wrong way. Take Natalya, she’s special. She’s Canadian. They go back and forth, but talking. They’re going to be nice and give the special girl a shot at their Title at SS. But only if she beats Michelle tonight. But she won’t because Michelle’s the best. The best there is, there was, there ever will be. Natalya out with a huge smile.

Michelle McCool Vs. Natalya

The bell rings, Natalya gets a lock around Michelle’s waist. Michelle elbows out, but Natalya takes her down by one arm and keeps the hold on. Michelle gets scissors around Natalya’s head on the mat, but Natalya got quickly free. Natalya reversed one of Michelle’s moves and slammed her back on the mat. Michelle whipped Natalya, but Natalya got an elbow up. Natalya sits up top, Michelle pulls Natalya off the corner by one foot.

Michelle pins for two. Michelle stomps Natalya on the mat as loyal yells from outside. Natalya dropped on the bottom rope, then drops knees on Natalya. Michelle pins for two as a couple people yell things from the stands, but otherwise I think EVERYBODY went looking for beer or the loo because it was terribly quiet. Body scissors on Natalya on the mat.

Layla taunts Natalya from the apron. Michelle keeps the scissors on Natalya. Michelle uses the ropes and Natalya gets free. King rips on Cole’s college diploma from Syracuse University. He says that allows Cole to park in handicap spots. Natalya up and fights back a bit. Michelle telegraphs and gets kicked for it, but Michelle comes back with a beautiful bridging suplex for two! Michelle goes for a kick but Natalya grabs her leg, then the other. She starts to set up for the sharpshooter, but Michelle gets to the ropes and out. Natalya slams Michelle down face first on the floor, then goes after Layla who screams at Natalya to ‘let go of her friend!’ Natalya slingshots Layla into Michelle. Michelle sent back into the ring. Natalya in and moves out to Michelle’s way so Layla gets Michelle’s kick to the face. Natalya rolls Michelle up for three.

Winner – Natalya

Much crying and hugging outside as Natalya poses inside.

Freddie Prinze Jr. in a lab coat, stethoscope around his neck, clipboard in hand. Freddie asks how his patient is doing, but gets no response. He says it’s too bad he’s been in a coma for months, he’s going to miss the election. The camera pans down to show VKM in the bed, in hospital PJ’s, oxygen tubes up his nose, not moving a muscle!

– Commercial

Back to the hospital room. VKM in bed. Freddie says he knows VKM doesn’t get many visitors, but at least his wife comes by everyday, despite tomorrow being election day. You have to admire that woman, she’s devoted. Very composed despite the fact that she spent $50,000,000 on this campaign. The beeping gets very quick and VKM sits up.
VKM – “$50,000,000?”
Freddie – “Mr. McMahon!”
VKM – “Shut up! $50,000,000 on what?”
Freddie – “Well sir, I believe she was trying to become United States Senator of Connecticut.” Freddie pulls down the sheet to show VKM’s johnnie is covered with Linda’s campaign stickers.
VKM – “I hate politics. But as long as everything’s okay in the WWE, I’m okay.” Freddie makes a look, but doesn’t say anything.
VKM – “What’s that look for?”
Freddie – “Well sir, speaking as a fan, things aren’t really running smoothly. Well, they buried Taker sir.”
VKM – “Nexus, they’ve been destroyed right?”
Freddie – “They’re stronger than ever.”
VKM – “Last I knew Cena was going to take them apart.”
Freddie – “Well, Cena is actually in Nexus.” VKM’s pulse shot up again.
VKM – “What else?”
Freddie – “Paul Bearer’s back. Goldust is getting married tomorrow and RAW’s being taken over by Pee-Wee Herman.”
VKM – “The next thing you’re going to tell me is Daniel Bryan is US Champion.” Freddie didn’t say a word. VKM pulled all of the tubes out and said he had to go to the bathroom. Stand back, he’s going to blow. He got to his feet and got a thought. If his wife could run for Senate, then maybe he could run for President Of The United States Of America. Oh, he’s not going to make it. He waddled off to the potty with Michael Blumenthal poster taped to his hiney, hanging down to his knees.

Then the screen is black. Suddenly Steph sits up from a dead sleep. “I just had the weirdest dream! Honey, honey.”
HHH – “Yeah?”
Steph – “My Dad’s still in a coma, right?”
HHH – “Yeah. I’m pretty sure he’s brain dead.” Steph face broke out into the most glorious smile. “Thank God!” She flopped back down and shut off the light.

Cena’s music. He comes stomping out in a zebra shit, looking really pissed. In the ring he readied the tag ropes in the corners.

– Commercial

Nexus out to the ring. Well, Wade Barrett and David Otunga out to the ring. R-Truth out singing, getting the fans pumped for the main event. Orton out to the ring.

Nexus (Wade Barrett & David Otunga) Vs. Randy Orton & R-Truth – Special Guest Ref

Orton and Otunga start the match. They lock up and push each other around. Orton’s backed into a corner at the last turn. Otunga doesn’t give a clean break and counts at Otunga! Orton turned the tables and while he was whipped, he came out with a solid clothesline. Orton stomps Otunga, then whips him. Orton eats an elbow. Wade tags in and then he eats a clothesline!

Orton works Wade in a corner and Cena counts at him. Cena backs Orton off Wade. They argue and then Wade grabs Orton in a school boy roll up for two. Orton back up and in Cena’s face. Cena tells him it’s five seconds. Wade attacks Orton from behind, then tags Otunga into the match. Cena recognized the tag. Quick scoop slam to Otunga. Orton pulls Otunga’s arm up, then kicks him in the chest. Otunga rolls out. Orton out after him with an upper cut. Otunga then reverses Orton, Orton sent into the stairs, shoulder first. Cena tells the to get back in the ring. Otunga pins for two.

Wade tags in, in on Orton hard with punches as Orton tries to cover up. Chinlock on Orton in the center of the ring. Cena checks to make sure it’s not a choke and watches closely. Orton up and suplexes Wade to get free. Both are down, both tag out.

R-Truth in with clotheslines to Otunga, then a BEAUTIFUL hip toss! They both were perfect in that move and sold it 1000X bigger than a normal hip toss – made a stock move into something worth writing home about. R-Truth whipped, floats over Otunga, then drops below his clothesline. R-Truth nails a heel kick to Otunga for two. Cole called that a heel kick to Otunga’s jaw – I didn’t know Otunga kept his jaw under his right armpit!

R-Truth called ‘what’s up?’ to the fans who answered. Wade took a blind tag and came in to nail R-Truth with a side slam. Wade pulls R-Truth away from his corner and pins for two. Punche son Wade, then he’s whipped. Backbreaker to R-Truth. Wade pulls R-Truth up into a punch to the face. Wade up on the second ropes and smirks down at R-Truth. Wade flies, but R-Truth rolls from the elbow.

Otunga rushes in and Cena stops him, yelling at him that he needs a tag. Behind Cena’s back R-Truth does get the tag, but of course Cena didn’t see it. Cena grabbed Orton off Wade. They argue about it. During that time Wade pulls R-Truth to the heel corner. Orton’s pissed and leaves the ring to the apron. Otunga takes a clean tag and slams R-Truth to the mat. Elbow drop to R-Truth for two. Wade tags in while Otunga holds R-Truth’s foot. Forearms to R-Truth’s chest. Otunga tags in and stomps R-Truth. Otunga pins for two. Chinlock on R-Truth in the center of the ring. A small contingent of men start a “Cena sucks!” chant. R-Truth works his way to his feet and punches out. R-Truth rushes in for a cross body, but Otunga has the same idea and they’re both down. Cena is watching closely. Orton rushes in and Cena stops him. This time Wade gets the tag, but Cena doesn’t see it and stops him. Orton in, behind Cena’s back and nails Otunga with an RKO as Cena and Wade argue. Orton then attacks was right in front of Cena’s face. R-Truth rolls up Otunga for three.

Winners – R-Truth & Orton

Orton, who had left the ring for the three, stand at the barrier getting slapped on the back by a bunch of fans. Cena leaves the ring. Wade out right after him and gets up in Cena’s face. Cena says he didn’t see any tag. Wade screams right up in Cena’s face. Cena up on the stage, Wade is still reeling ringside as Orton poses with his strap. Wade and Orton stare at each other. Wade looks up at Cena, then back at Orton.

Biggest pop
Big Show
VKM/Freddie/Steph/HHH segment

Biggest heat

Most mixed
Pee-Wee Herman

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