RAW Report 10/26/09 Buffalo, New York

RAW this week starts with a video from Bragging Rights. They went through the 7 On 7 Match, all was well until Big Show choke slammed Kofi. Big Show then attacked HHH and left. Jericho got the pin on Kofi for the win. The SD! Team celebrated with their trophy.

Music and pyro.

Jeri-Show’s music and out they came – both in blue, Jericho in a sleeveless SD! shirt – Jericho with the trophy high above his head and Big Show with a huge smile. Picture for the two NASCAR boys who will be hosting tonight. Huge heat for Jeri-Show. Big Show says despite what happened last night, he’s still a proud member of the RAW roster. Everything he did was because…. Jericho says he doesn’t have to explain himself to these germ incubators. Big Show did it because of his loyalty to Jericho and their team supersedes his loyalty to RAW and all these solipsistic amoebas here tonight. Big Show says there’s something he needs to tell him. Jericho stops Big Show and tells him for stopping the tyranny of DX. There’s no mirth or jocularity coming from the DX camp tonight. No hawking of cheap merchandise or juvenile pranks because they’re embarrassed by what Big Show stood up for what’s right. He punched HHH right in his face. For that he helped SD! Win Bragging Rights. Big Show says Jericho should let him talk. Jericho said SD! Would have won anyway because he’s the captain, the mastermind, the genius… Yes, he said genius, that put together everything. He’s on both shows, he knows what goes on… Big Show tells Jericho he needs to understand something. What he did at BR was for him. There’s one thing that more important that this show and their team, it’s his career. He can be on both shows. He hunted down Teddy Long and struck a deal. Because Big Show won BR for SD!, he’s the next to face Taker for the Championship. Jericho’s jaw is on his chest. Jericho said Big Show didn’t approve this with him. Big Show says he has to approve things with him? He has to approve what he has for breakfast? Jericho says yes, he needs the low calorie food! Big Show says he like to have… NASCAR sounds cut them off and the camera goes outside and the cars are going in circles in the parking lot. They come right into the arena – 18 and then 20. The boys climb out of their cars. A Bella Twin joins each of them in jumpsuits matching each of them – not overtly sexy. Kyle Busch and Joey Legano into the ring. Kyle says they’re both WWE fans an thrilled to be hosting RAW. He does think the fans like what happened. But he’s a man’s man and with him. So, a lot goes one and everything happens, but everything happens for a reason. He congratulates Big Show and shakes his hand. Joey, on the other hand, says he can’t shake Big Show’s hand. Big Show left his team hanging and that’s not impressive, it’s weak. Big Show asks that what he said is weak. Big Show tells Kyle to teach his friend some respect. Kyle said Joey’s young and dumb. Joey hit Kyle’s shoulder with the mic. Kyle said Joey doesn’t know much about championships. They’re here for is to win a championship. They’re there to host RAW and make this show possible. They’re in Buffalo – cheap pop – a city that hasn’t made it to the playoffs since Hulk-A-Mania. That got him some serious heat! Kyle says they brought T.O. (Terrell Owens) in and what has he done? Even more heat. Next thing you know, we’ll be singing Oh Canada. Jericho quietly says, “There’s nothing wrong with that.” Joey says that’s why as co-host tonight, he gets to make the matches. So it will be Big Show against the guy he sucker punched – HHH. The fans love Joey! Jericho tells Big Show it’s tough and good luck. Then Jericho brings the trophy to them and said he’d take them back to their office and explain how he single handedly won it at BR. Kyle said he’s seen 58 of them. Joey’s not the only one who can make matches. On his way of doing burnouts and driving his racecar in, he thought about it and he’s putting Jericho against Kofi Johnts…. Kingston (blunder, but caught himself!) Jericho wasn’t thrilled and asked Kofi Kingston? To make sure the name was said correctly. Kofi comes out. The tron above him still shows much Jamaica mon.

– Commercial

Kofi and Jericho in the ring. They lock up and Jericho backed into a corner. Jericho flees the ring. The ref stops Kofi from chasing. Jericho almost it, then leaves again. Jericho in and then backed into a corner. Jericho won’t give a clean break. Kick to Kofi and then punches. Knees to Kofi’s face and he’s on a knee. Kofi whipped but get his feet up and comes back with punched. Dropkick to Jericho for two. King and Cole talk about how upset Kofi’s been over the loss. As they showed up today Kofi was livid over all that went down last night. Arm bar on Jericho for two. King says Kofi said he felt his team down. King talked him down in the locker room. A kick to the back of Kofi’s head and Jericho stood on Kofi’s shoulders to choke him in the second ropes. Kofi comes back to roll up Jericho for two. A stomp to the back of Kofi’s head and then side headlock on Kofi. “Kofi” chants. Shoulder block to Kofi and the fans are unhappy. Jericho runs the ropes under Kofi who flies and then a big clothesline to Jericho. Kofi hits controlled frenzy – flying through the ropes onto Jericho outside. Back in the ring Kofi flies onto Jericho in a corner and hit 8 punches before Jericho throws Kofi off in what’s basically a release power bomb across the ring. Both down for a few. Jericho up at three. Kofi made it up on the apron but Jericho slingshots off the second rope and kicks Kofi in the head in what Cole calls ‘Classic Jericho’. Kofi out on the floor.

– Commercial

Jericho slingshots Kofi up into the bottom rope. Headlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi starts wiggling, gets up and free and takes Jericho down for two. Clothesline to Kofi. King won’t get off our two young hosts. Jericho pins for two. Jericho yells at Kingston to get up. Kofi fights back with punches. Jericho reverses a whip, but then Kofi pushes off Jericho who tries a bulldog. Jericho ends up with a leg up in a corner. Kofi comes back with clotheslines, dropkicks and a flying forearm. Boom drop on Jericho, but Jericho fights back and tries for the walls. Kofi free but Jericho hits an enziguri on Kofi for two. Jericho taunts Kofi and then backs him in a corner. Kofi whipped, but through the ropes and kicks Jericho in the head. Kofi up, but no luck and Jericho climbs too. Kofi pushes Jericho off. Kofi flies in a crossbody for two. Side Russian leg sweep on Jericho. Kofi tries for trouble in paradise, but Jericho grabs him and tries for the walls, but Kofi drops and rolls Jericho up for two. Code breaker on kofia nd both are down. King and Cole are so down on Jericho. Jericho pins and Kofi gets a foot on the ropes. Jericho thinks he’s won. The ref has to explain. Trouble in paradise for three.

– Winner: Kofi Kingston!

Kofi celebrates in a corner. Video of Jericho running into Kofi’s finisher. Kofi leaves the ring, Jericho is still down. Kofi backs up the ramp, but then Orton shows up behind Kofi, attacks him and throws him off the ramp! Refs run to Kofi’s aid as the (women and children) fans chant for Cena. Kofi tries to get to a sitting position with the ref checking on him.

– Commercial

Orton walking out back. Josh asks why he attacked Kofi. Orton says Kofi had no business interfering in his match last night. If it wasn’t for Kofi, he’d still be Champion. He calls it an attack, Orton calls it justice. He’s only just begun on Kingston. Legacy walks up and he asks them what they could possibly want. Cody says Orton should be Champion. Ted says he was robbed. Cody says they want to show their support with a gift. A token of support for everything he’s ever done for them. They uncover the number 18 car with Orton painted on the hood. They ask Orton what he thinks. Orton says it’s incredible. He asks is they bought this for him? Ted asks who’s the son of The Million Dollar Man? They’ve had their issues, but Orton’s still their leader. It’s a small token of their appreciation. Cody says they have another surprise involving Cena. Ted says it’s only a matter of time until the title comes back to Legacy. They leave and Orton is enthralled with himself on the car. He’s in awe.

Eve ask about this race going on in Texas on November 7th. Joey says he’ll be in the SD! Car. Kyle says he’ll be in the RAW car. Eve says Kyle’s winning. They go back and forth about who beat who when. Swagger walks in and says they’re NASCAR’s finest and he’s thrilled to meet them. He’s RAW’s finest. He sucks up. Kyle asks what he wants. Swagger wants Cena for the title tonight. Kyle says Cena was in the ring for an hour last night and that’s not a good thing for tonight. Joey says they need to do something memorable, so they will be picking Cena’s next opponent tonight. Swagger says it sounds great. He then starts hitting on Eve. Miz walks in and gets on Swagger’s case for thinking he’ll be next Champion. Miz says he’s the only one representing RAW who actually won last night. So if anyone should face Cena in a championship match, it him. He let them know that he expects to take on Cena and win at Survivor Series. He give his call phrase and kisses Eve’s hand in the middle of it.

Backstage paparazzi snapping pics of Melina and Santino as they walk are in arm, as they head for the ring. Santino’s really sucking it up.

– Commercial

King and Cole talk about how Sheamus is going to debuting tonight on RAW. Cole is thrilled. He says he was a free agent that RAW picked up.

Melina’s music. She comes out with Santino. Melina’s in her new red ring gear she wore last week. They have fun heading down the ramp together. She does her normal split entrance. He enjoys it, but looks a bit pained. He teases her, then enters the ring. Chavo and Jillian come out to face them. Jillian in blue jeans and a lighter blue halter top.

Santino and Chavo start off. Chavo teases Santino and bitch slaps him. Santino isn’t thrilled and hit’s a back body drop and works over Chavo. Chavo moves from a fist drop and fights back. Santino in the heel corner. Chavo distracts the ref for Jillian to kick Santino in the head. Chavo pins for two. More kicks to Santino in the next corner. Santino cartwheels out of a move, drops in a half split to avoid another then hits an arm drag followed by punches. Jillian tags in and slaps Santino. Melina tags in. Melina martixes back to avoid a move. HBK-Swoggle up on the apron. Melina gains control over Jillian and rolls her up, but it’s under the ropes and no count. Melina hits her screaming leg drop split cover for three.

– Winners: Santino & Melina

The three celebrate in the ring together. Lots of DX chops from the little guy. A suited man comes in the ring and hands Hornswoggle a bright green envelope. Hornswoggle opens it and chases after the guy to ask. But nothing. So Hornswoggle into King’s lap. King tells him it’s a cease and desist order from DX to stop trying to be them.

Cena backstage heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Stills from last night’s match between Orton and Cena.

Justin Roberts announces Cena, but Legacy’s music plays and cuts him off. Legacy comes out looking very proud of themselves. They both have mics as they get in the ring. Cody says the Champ is not here. This would be the perfect time for him to parade out here and tell everyone about his… “What did you cal it Cole?” His epic victory. Well, that will have to wait because the Legacy is here. Ted says just because Orton can’t face Cena for the title, doesn’t mean they can’t. So, at SS they’ll bring the title back to Legacy where it belongs. They didn’t ask the guest hosts for permission because they’re challenging them now. Why doesn’t Cena come out and face him, or Cody, or both in a handicap match, if he has the guts. Out comes Cena to the ring. Women and children chant for Cena. Cena says he doesn’t have to brag about last night. It was what it needed to be. It was the best in the WWE fighting in the final showdown. He can even speak for their mentor when he says they were exhausted – physically and mentally. Heck, he was almost blown up, he dodged an explosion. People ask why would they do something like that? In a weird way they did it for us (Cena and Orton), for the title, the fans and most importantly they did it because the rivalry needed to end and it did. That brings us to Monday Night RAW, the night after the shoot out at the OK Corral. Everyone tunes in to see the next challenger, who will be next? Everyone tunes in to see Cena in the ring with Orton’s Legacy? Huh. Cody says they’re not Orton. Cena says he’s right, neither are Orton, they have a lot to learn. People will think that RAW’s gone into reruns! What’s it been, twelve years? Enough! He’s going to hit them with truth. He beat Orton and earned the right to say no more! You two can make all the empty challenges they want. They can say they’re bringing the championship back to Legacy. But if they want a shot at the championship… A contingent of men started to loudly chant, “Cena sucks!” They have to lace up their boots, put on their tights and get and line and work for it like everyone else because that’s how it works around here. But at he looks at the two of them, they haven’t earned it. They haven’t earned it. Cena might be out of his mind. He asked the fans if ‘the baby oil boys club’ earned anything? The fans loudly said they didn’t. Cena said he was just making sure. As they come out and tell everyone how holier than thou they are. Well, Cena’s a huge NASCAR fan and he’s been in the back with Kyle Busch and Joey Legano talking about them possibly having a match tonight. It will happen now. They have to give a large, strong hello to their opponents tonight. Out comes MVP and Mark Henry in too much red.

– Commercial

Ted on MVP. Cody tags in and they double team him. Punches to MVP’s head. Chin and arm lock on MVP. Backstage Kyle and Joey watch the screen. MVP reverses a move into a clothesline. MVP tags out. Clothesline, back elbow and a head butt on Cody. Henry gets Cody up high by his throat. For some reason MVP argues with the ref which gives Ted the time to run in and chop block Henry to the mat. Cody on top of Henry. The ref starts counting but Henry pushes out. Ted tags in and works over Henry. Cody tags and they double team Henry. Choking Henry in the heel corner. Ted tags in and more double teaming – stomps and kicks. And another tag and Cody’s in. more double teaming of Henry. Cody tries to keep Henry from his corner and somehow manages it. MVP in without a tag and the ref stops him. Legacy use this to double dropkick Henry to the mat. Cody keeps working on Henry who throws him off, but Cody right back on him to keep Henry from MVP. Back body drop on Cody and Henry makes it to MVP. Ted also tags in. MVP works over Ted and hits ballin’ on Ted. Cody breaks the pin. Henry in and head butts Cody. Ted attacks MVP, but he comes back and tries to take Ted down. A little help from Henry while the ref tries to get Cody out of the ring and Ted’s down. The ref finally sees it and MVP gets the three.

– Winners: Cool Aid Gang

Legacy freaks out on the ref while MVP and Henry leave. Orton’s music plays and he comes stalking out to the ring looking rather pissed. Cole talks about how there’s something seriously wrong with Orton. They then go over the stipulations that Orton made for the BR match and how it’s Orton’s fault he can’t face for the title again. In the ring Orton says apparently the guest hosts are trying to find the next opponent for Cena. It officially looks like his next opponent won’t be Orton. He understand the terms of his match last night. But he doesn’t care! He’s a former Champion and deserves a rematch. He doesn’t care if he has to take it all the way to the Board Of Directors, he will to get back what’s his. That WWE Title is his! He won’t stop… Orton’s cut off by Kofi on the tron. Kofi tells him he lost and no one cares what he has to say. Orton demands to know who he thinks he is! He tells Kofi to come to the ring and say that to his face. He dares him to say it to his face. Kofi says that’s an interesting choice of words because he’s already doing that right now. The camera pans down to show that Kofi’s standing on the hood of the car straddling Orton’s face, right between his feet! The fans love it! Orton tells him not to touch his car. Get off his car, don’t do anything to his car, he’ll make his car living hell. Kofi gets off the car and says what he loves about these NASCARS is that they’re so durable. Kofi slaps the car a couple times as he talks. He wants to show what he’s talking about. He rams one of those rolling anvil case into the side of the car. Kofi says there’s not even a scratch and it has to be like 300lbs, right? Ironically enough it’s the things that are so small that do the most damage. Like a key. Kofi takes out a key and rips the hell out of the car with it. Then Kofi asks if that’s a bug on his hood? Kofi beats the heck out of Orton’s face on the car with a crowbar. Kofi said he screwed up his paintjob and wants to make it right. On the top of the car with a bucket Kofi dumps bright orange paint all over Orton’s face. Kofi says Orton’s never looked better. To punctuate the last word he slammed the bucket down on where Orton’s face was. Paint splattered all up in Kofi’s face at that.

– Commercial

Buffalo Bills in the front row getting rowdy for the camera.

Video of Kofi keying Orton’s car. Then the crowbar on the bug on the hood/Orton’s face. Then, of course, the bucket of paint. Orton looked pained.

Eve out in a studded black strapless dress as the guest ring announcer. She announces Evan Bourne who comes out to the ring. Then Miz out to face him. Miz made Roberts hold the ropes for Eve as she left the ring.

Miz on the attack. Miz telegraphs and taken down for one. Kicks to Miz but then e knee to Evan’s face in the ropes. Side slam on Evan for two. Miz pulled Evan’s hair back as Evan’s face down on the mat. Double chicken wing, Miz pulls back on Evan on the mat. Again Miz goes after Evan’s hair and is yelled at for it by the ref. then back to the double chicken wing. Miz rolls Evan through but then eats a double knee to the face for two. Kicks to Miz and then a hurricanrana. Evan flies/drops an elbow on Miz for two. Headlock on Miz but Miz backs Evan into a corner. Swagger out to the ring. Face first Evan is slammed into a corner. Evan eats the next corner. Swagger grabs a Miz and tells Miz no one’s watching his match. Everyone’s watching Eve. Or Eve’s watching Swagger. Miz is pissed. Swagger is leaning on the apron. Miz clotheslines Evan in a corner close to Swagger and shakes the ropes enough to get Swagger’s attention. Swagger glares up at Miz. Miz leaves the ring and gets right in Swagger’s face. Swagger drops the mic. They both talk smack. The ref started counting Miz out. At five Evan flew over the top and took them both out! The ref kept counting. Just after ten Miz dove for the ring.

– Winner: Evan Bourne

Evan fled Miz as Eve announced the winner. Swagger grinned hugely.

– Commercial

Video from the NASCAR ring entrance earlier tonight.

Next week Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne will be hosting!!! (EEEEE!!!)

Janie Noble in the ring. On the tron is Kyle and Joey. they tell Noble that he looks really tough in the ring and they want ot see how tough he’s going to look going against RAW’s newest acquisition, Sheamus. Kyle and Joey looked very proud of themselves. Bella Twins stood behind them. Shamus out to the ring, about glowing. He introduced himself and said he’s there to make an impression. He has a slight lisp.

Noble attacks, but a shoulder knock down sends Noble flying from the ring. Sheamus kicks Noble into the steps. Noble rolled back into the ring. Elbow drops to Noble, but when Sheamus pins, he pulls Noble up after two. Noble up on his shoulder and Noble elbows out. Kicks to Sheamus’s knee, but Noble’s slammed into a corner. Noble moves, but Sheamus is back on Noble in the corner. Knees to Noble in the corner. Knees to the back of Noble’s head. Forearm grinds on the back of Noble’s neck. Sheamus picks Noble up and hits two backbreakers in a row. A big boot about took Noble’s head off. Sheamus pinned for three.

– Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus posed over Noble. Video of the backbreakers and big boot. More posing as Sheamus left the ring and backed up the ramp.

DX heading for the ring looking rather pissed off.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Stills from BR, the 7 On 7 Match, but then Big Show turned on his own team and screwed Team RAW by attacking Kofi and HHH.

King and Cole talks about what happened last night at Bragging rights and how wonderful the whole show was. Winning the match gives sd1 bragging rights for the next year.

Jericho is in the ring with the trophy. Big Show is also in the ring getting ready to face HHH. DX’s music and out they come. In ring pyro and crotch chops. The long entrance as Big Show waits outside. Finally HBK leaves and Big Show in the ring. HHH ducks a clothesline and then asks for a mic. He says before they get started, he had a meeting with Kyle and Joey. They forgot to tell Big Show that this is a Lumberjack Match. Unfortunately for Big Show it’s all the guys Big Show screwed last night. All of the RAW roster comes out. Jericho quietly sneaks through the bell area and through the crowd. Then HBK grabs a mic and tells Hunter he’s so forgetful. Not only is it a Lumberjack Match, but it’s a No DQ Lumberjack Match! Which means these lumberjacks can do about anything they want to do to him. HBK tells the ref that they have a Special Guest Ref. Cena’s music and out he comes. Cena takes off his shirt as he comes out to show zebra! Big Show rushes HHH as Cena’s music is still playing. HHH pulls the top rope down and Big Show goes flying outside! Santino and Evan attack Big Show. immediately.

– Commercial

HHH throws punches at Big Show’s head, but can’t whip him. Big Show whips HHH, but HHH gets his feet up. During the break almost the whole RAW roster was on Big Show, but he pretty much fought them off, then got back in the ring. HHH on Big Show’s back with a sleeper locked on. Big Show grabs HHH’s head and flips him over to slam on the mat. Big Show rushes HHH but eats a corner. HHH picks up Big Show, but falls back. Big Show pins for two. Big Show telegraphs and its kicked, but then Big Show spears HHH. Big Show to his feet, HHH still down and moaning. Big Show stands on HHH, using the ropes of course. The whole time Big Show is smiling down at HBK. Chop to HHH in a corner. Chop in another corner and HHH hit’s the mat. Big Show walks across HHH. “HHH” chants as the boys outside get them riled. Punches from HHH, but then Big Show grabs HHH and hits a side slam. Big Show slaps down and locks on a nerve pinch to HHH’s trapezius muscle. Head butt to HHH. Big Show, using HHH’s hair, pulls him up for another head butt. HHH gets to his feet using the ropes, Santino is right there in front of HHH and yells at HHH to, “Get anger! Get anger!” HHH walks into another head butt. And then yet another head butt. HHH ends up in a corner and crotch chops at Big Show. A kick to HHH’s gut and then more head butts. Scoop slam and Big Show runs the ropes. Masters grabs Big Show’s leg and then turns away to look all tough. Big Show turns around back to where Masters is and grabs him by the head. Masters into the ring with a chop as he lays on the top rope. Another right slams Masters down again. This give HHH the time he needs. HHH throws punches and then a face buster. Clothesline, then another but the third and Big Show grabs HHH around the neck for a choke slam. Big Show brings HHH, but HHH grabs Big Show’s head and hit’s a DDT-like move on him to bring him down. The fans and roster are thrilled. HHH pins for two. Big Show threw HHH off. Big Show rushes HHH in a corner, but HHH moves and Big Show eats the corner. HHH sets up Big Show for the pedigree, but Big Show hit’s a back body drop. Big Show up on the second ropes and splashes down on HHH. (That was the fakest and worst splash I have seen Big Show do! He didn’t come anywhere near touching HHH – at all!) Cena over to count as Big Show pins. Cena counts two, but then gets to his feet and acts like he has an arm cramp. Big Show to his feet and in Cena’s face. Cena smirks. Cena looks around Big Show. Big Show turns to see Chavo and Primo who double dropkick Big Show into a corner. Swagger in to clothesline Big Show into a corner. Big Show pie faces Swagger to the mat. Miz does his through the ropes sitting clothesline thing on Big Show. Big Show falters, but then is able to head butt Miz to the floor. Henry splashes Big Show in a corner. Big boot from MVP and Big Show down. Evan up and hits his SSP. Santino in, stares down, gets pissed and lectures Big Show. Santino with his hand like a snake and hissing, but then Big Show up and choke slams Santino. Kofi hits an enziguri. Cena gets Big Show up and hits an AA. The roster is pounding the mat. HHH puts a sideless SD! shirt on Big Show. HBK tunes up the band. Each time his foot hit’s the mat, the wrestlers pound with him and the fans count to 8. Sweet chin music. HHH hits his pedigree and pins for three.

– Winner: HHH

Cena raises HHH’s arm high. Cena stands between HHH and HBK as Kyle and Joey came out. Kyle thanked the fans for letting them host. He said everyone’s waiting to see who will face Cena. Cena’s ready. He said they couldn’t agree. Joey said until they found one guy who put them on the same page. Out came Hornswoggle still in DX gear. Kyle said it will be Triple Threat at SS. It will be Cena versus HBK versus HHH. The three of them backed into a triangle shape and stared each other down.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Orton / Legacy

PS – I’m sorry this took me so long tonight. I’m working on a new computer and the keyboard is taking some getting used to. I’ll be back to my normal self next week – promise!