RAW Report 1/12/09 Sioux City, Iowa

RAW this week starts with a very tight close up of JBL’s limo pulling in. Then in the back JBL says HBK faces Cena tonight and then it’s on the way to WM for JBL. HBK fell on hard times. He’s not fighting for a title tonight, he’s fighting for a paycheck. With JBL in his corner he can consider this HBK’s WM. JBL gets out of the limo and HBK stares at the floor forlorn.

Music and no pyro.

Steph’s music and she comes out to the ring looking svelte in a beautiful black suit. She says that in two weeks the road to WM begins with the RR. 30 superstars will compete and the winner will go on to compete at WM. Also people are waiting for next week when Mr. McMahon comes back. Mixed reaction to that. She says she can’t wait as her father is the… Jericho’s music cuts her off. He comes out and calls her a liar. He says she’s worse than all the hypocrites in this arena. The truth is she’s scared of her father’s return because her time running the show is over. When he comes back he’s going to right all of her wrongs. He will take JBL out of the match at the RR and put Jericho in. Vince values the locker room and the superstars. Steph cuts in and says RAW is her show. Jericho says she doesn’t have a clue. She didn’t know Vince was coming back. Steph says Jericho is clueless. Jericho said she did a great job with Adamle and makes her look good as a GM. She says that was Shane’s call. She then goes on to say the RR is decided and if Jericho cared more about his own career he’s still be WHC. He says he’s not competing for anything but the title. He’s above that. Steph says he’s not above anything. Jericho calls her a lame duck and the real McMahon will be back next week. Steph says it’s not next week. Steph says how about Jericho can’t talk to Vince next week. How about he can’t compete in the RR. How about he can’t compete for the WHC again. Jericho says he doesn’t give a damn about any of this. Steph says he should give a damn about this – “You’re fired!” Steph stomps from the ring and up the ramp while Jericho looks shocked and lost in the ring.

– Commercial

Video recap of Jericho calling Steph a lame duck and that the real McMahon is coming back. Then her cutting him down and firing him. She looked very McMahon when she fired him, so much her father’s daughter.

Out back Jericho is being escorted out by two big guys in suits.

King and Cole talk about Jericho getting fired and how shocking it is.

Miz comes out to the ring. Rey comes out to the ring in black and white to face him. Video of Mike Knox beating Rey down last week.

Side headlock on Rey. Shoulder block to Rey. Rey takes Miz down with a dropkick. Miz picks Rey up and drops him face first on the corner. Miz runs at Rey in a corner but Rey moves and Miz lands painfully. Submission hold on Rey’s arms with a knee to Rey’s back in the center of the ring. Rey gets out and starts to fight back. Rey goes over Miz’s back and lands not quite right, but is fine. Pin to Rey for two. Seated senton to Miz for two. Drop toe hold on Miz who drops out from the 619 but Rey catches him with shoulder to the gut through the ropes. Miz then somehow pins Rey tightly for a long two. Rey sets Miz up again and hits the 619. Big splash and Rey gets the three.

– Winner: Rey

Rey starts to celebrate and Knox is there attacking Rey form behind. Knox picks up Rey and slams him in a corner but Rey comes back with a hurricanrana. Knox rolls from the ring while Rey stands in fighting position in the ring. Knox is seething on the ramp.

Candice babbling away and it ends up she’s talking to Punk’s back as he’s ignoring her. He says he’s sorry and focused on his title shot. She wishes him luck as he heads off.

– Commercial

Promo for Vince’s return. Video of Vince. He says he was told he’d be the announcer. Clips of him announcing. Bischoff said Vince didn’t want people to know he was the boss. Then the gloves came off.

Lillian announces the IC Championship Match. If Regal gets disqualified, then Punk will win the Title. Punk comes down to the ring. Video of Regal causing the DQ last week and Steph telling them about the rematch and stipulation. Regal then comes out with Layla by his side. He grabs the back of her hair and speaks to her closely. She looks shocked and hurt, but then tries to brush it off.

They chain wrestle back and forth. Backslide but Regal gets out before a one count. Side headlock on Regal. “CM Punk” chants. More chain wrestling then a headlock take over from Punk for a one count. Regal in a corner and a high knee from Punk. Cole then says Jericho is closing in on the IC Title. Knee to the back of the head of Punk in a corner. Punk turns around, on his knees and punches Regal in the gut. The ref is behind Regal and can’t see much but Regal falling and acting like he’s really hurt. The ref calls a low blow on Punk and gives the match to Regal.

– Winner: Regal

Regal rolls from the ring in pain and plays it off big.

Out back Mickie is talking to Cody about all the snow outside. Manu and Sim come up and are pissed about what happened. Cody said he is right. Manu says they’re going after Orton tonight and either they’re with them, or against them. Sim says they have backup, another second generation wrestler and Cody better think about it.

– Commercial

Layla is walking Regal out back. Grisham asks Regal if he’s happy about his win. He’s still Champion and very satisfied. Steph comes up and says she’s not satisfied. Next week will be the final rematch and it will be no DQ.

Video about Austin. Clips of his long and glorious career in the ring. They show him just after he broke his neck in the ring and when he gives the famous Austin 3:16 comment. Beautiful video. Austin is the first member of the Class of 2009 HOF.

Out back HBK is getting ready and JBL comes up. JBL says Steph can’t fire him as he works for JBL. Don’t worry about Jericho, he invested the way JBL did. HBK says if this is his WM, he doesn’t need JBL in his corner to win, he’s Mr. WM, The Show Stopper. HBK stomps off on JBL.

– Commercial

Another Vince returning promo.

Vince video. He fires Angle, then Foley. He says it’s difficult to fire someone, but sometimes it has to be done. He then fires Bisch and throws him in a garbage truck.

Kane’s fire and he comes out to the ring. Orton comes out with Cody in tow. Cody looks like Orton’s little Brother or Orton’s clone. Cody looks around to see if there’s anyone about to attack.

Orton starts with punches on Kane and backs him into a corner. Kane comes out with a HUGE right. Kane then works on beating Orton down. Upper cut in a corner then Orton is clotheslined from the ring.

– Commercial

Headlock on Kane in the center of the ring. They work to their feet. Punches and an upper cut to Kane. More punches and Kane is down. Upper cut to Orton from Kane who was barely up to his knees. Knee to the side of Kane’s head. Knee drop to Kane’s head then Orton stomps his way around Kane. Orton covers for two. Cody looks nervous outside the ring. Orton holds Kane’s feet and stomps Kane’s gut over and over. Chinlock on Kane who’s sitting on the mat. Orton pulls Kane to his feet but it backfires into a suplex on Orton. Upper cut and punches from Kane and then a big boot and Orton drops. Orton is whipped then hit a clothesline in a corner on him. Side slam and Kane covers for two. Cody is playing cheerleader outside the ring. Kane telegraphs and gets a forearm to the back. Kane comes back and grabs for the chokeslam but Orton kicks the heck out of Kane’s leg to get out. Orton sets up for the RKO but Kane pushes him off. Kane climbs and flies but Orton throws a dropkick into a flying Kane. Orton covers for a three count, but Kane’s shoulder was up.

– Winner: Orton

Kane followed the ref arguing the call. Sim and Manu come out and ask if Cody is with or against them. They all for their backup and Ted comes out to join them looking more than pissed. The three come down to the ring together. Cody is in front of announce, Orton stays in the ring. Manu, Ted and Sim all enter from three sides. Finally Cody enters the ring but we don’t know where he stands. Sim and Manu attack. It ends up being Ted, Cody and Orton on Manu and Sim. They beat the two men down hard. They just keep beating down Sim and Manu in a huge way. Orton, Cody and Ted leave the ring together.

Video from the start of the show when Jericho called Steph a lame duck. He goes on and on. Steph cuts him off and then ends up firing him.

King and Cole talk more about Jericho’s firing.

Grisham out back with Cena. Grisham starts talking about the RR, but Cena cuts him off and says he snuck in and won last year. He says the road to WM starts at the RR and anything can happen. This year anything has happened as he has to defend against JBL. You can say what you want about JBL, but he a former WHC and caused some of the most brutal matches since Cena came to WWE. And now JBL has bought himself the best – HBK. The man he faces tonight is every bit as good as he says. Just because he’s taking orders from JBL, he doesn’t have a RR or WM, so he gets to face HBK in his WM tonight.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Santino and Beth faced Melina and Goldust last week. Melina made the pin but then Rosa come over the barricade and attacked Melina.

Beth and Jillian in the ring. Beth in her black and blue jumpsuit, Jillian in a blue halter and jeans. Kelly comes out in black and red plaid. Melina comes out in lime green, but one of her paparazzi attacks her from behind. It’s Rosa. Kelly runs to Melina’s aid while security pulls Rosa away. Beth and Jillian attack Melina and Kelly on the bottom of the ramp. They get beaten down. Jillian hands Beth the big camera Rosa had and takes pictures of Melina before stomping her some more. Beth and Jillian back up the ramp together while Kelly and Melina are laying in lumps.

RR promo.

– Commercial

Another Vince promo.

Vince video of him getting his Hollywood star on the Walk Of Fame. He started sound nice but turned uber heel in his speech.

King and Cole talk about how Vince will be back next week. They then go through the matches slated for RR.

Cody thanks Ted for the tip. Orton says he was only trying to knock some sense into Ted when he kicked him. He then says they have both proved themselves. Ted says they’re all in the RR. Orton says there can only be one winner.

Noble, Dolph, Goldust and Cryme Tyme are outside Steph’s office trying to find out who will be in the RR. Santino comes out and says he’s in. They’re all bummed as they were all going for one spot. Santino leaves and Dolph introduces himself to Noble.

HBK is heading to the ring with JBL his shadow.

– Commercial

JBL’s music and out comes the limo. The driver climbs out and opens the door. JBL is out first and he steps back for HBK to get out. HBK leads the way to the ring as his own music plays. JBL holds way back as HBK heads to and gets in the ring. JBL stays outside while HBK poses in the ring and listens to his pop. Cena’s music and he comes out to good pop. Cena gets in the ring and nods to HBK. Cena extends his hand. HBK holds back. Finally HBK steps forward, looks at the hand and then shakes it.

– Commercial

Arm bar into a suplex from HBK. They back apart for a moment. Headlock takeover on Cena. They back away and go back together in another headlock takeover from HBK. Cena then drops HBK who looks shocked. They lock up and a hammer lock on Cena. HBK wrenches it on tightly. JBL watches stoically from outside. Cena elbows out hard. Hip toss to HBK. Drop toe hold to HBK and almost into the STF. HBK almost goes for sweet chin music. They back off. Lock up and HBK is backed into a corner, he reverses it and chops the heck out of Cena. In another corner Cena throws punches. HBK reverses into chops. Back body drop to HBK. HBK leaves the ring. As HBK gets on the apron Cena rushes over and get hung up on top. HBK gains in the ring. Kick to the side of a kneeling Cena’s head. Chops to Cena in a corner. Cena reverses a whip and then hits a clothesline. HBK gets whipped and then pinned for two. Cena tries for a suplex but it gets reversed! HBK locks on the figure four. Cena tries to and manages to roll it over and HBK breaks the hold. Cena’s bounced face first on the corner. Cena’s limping and somehow sends HBK into a corner hard. HBK up for the FU but HBK gets out. Cena sends HBK to the mat face first. Cena climbs and flies but lands on his own with HBK locking on the crossface! HBK IS in PPV mode! Cena somehow gets his feet and picks HBK up, but he then falls down and HBK still has the hold locked in! Cena gets to the ropes. HBK uses almost all of the count to break the hold. Cena rolls to the apron and HBK stomps him. Cena rolls to the floor.

– Commercial

Cena has control and hits a side slam for two. Suplex to HBK for two. HBK is whipped and walks out into a fisherman suplex for another two. JBL is pacing outside the ring. Cena gets HBK up but he wiggles out. Bear hug on HBK. They drop to their knees but HBK fights his way back up. HBK tries to force his way out of the hold. An elbow frees him. But Cena locks it back on. Cena backs HBK into a corner then whips him to another. HBK gets a foot up in Cena’s face. They exchange blows. Flying forearm to Cena and both are down. HBK nips up. Inverted atomic drop to Cena. Cena comes back with two clotheslines. Cena gets HBK up but Cena falls back and HBK covers for two. Scoop slam to Cena. HBK climbs, so does Cena. HBK gets out of it, grabs Cena and hits a powerbomb for two. HBK climbs and misses his elbow as Cena rolled. Cena slides to the apron and uses the ropes to get up. Cena climbs and hits a flying leg drop to the back of HBK’s head. Five knuckle shuffle. HBK up for the FU but HBK countered into a DDT for two. HBK climbed and hit his flying elbow. HBK tunes up the band as the fans go wild! Cena drops below the superkick, gets HBK up and hits the FU. Cena is slow in the pin and HBK kicks out after two! Cena helps gets HBK to his feet but HBK hits sweet chin music. HBK covers but only for two, Cena somehow kicked out. Both are still down. JBL’s hat is off. HBK up for the FU but he rolls through to cover for two. Cena locks on the STF. Facing JBL, HBK tries for the ropes. JBL screams at HBK to reach. JBL leaned the rope in for HBK to grab it. The ref makes Cena break the hold. HBK says something to JBL under the ropes as he looks pissed. HBK gets out of another FU. Cena goes flying into the ropes but stops dead when he sees JBL down in front of him. Cena turns back into sweet chin music. HBK covers for three.

– Winner: HBK

HBK stomps from the ring looking pissed and in pain. JBL gets in the ring and stands over Cena. Video of superkicks and FUs through the match, when JBL pushes the rope into HBK and when JBL distracted Cena from outside. JBL just stands over Cena who lays prone on the mat.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat