Raw Profile Removed From WWE Site, This Week's SmackDown Main Event, Victoria

— Mike Adamle’s profile has been removed from the Raw section on WWE.com. You now get a “Page Not Found” message. His $300,000 per year contract is not expected to be renewed when it expires in January.

— Fox and MyNetworkTV affiliates have been running a number of commercials promoting a match between Triple H and Jeff Hardy on this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

— SmackDown Diva Victoria has a new blog on her MySpace page. She comments on the recent passing of former WWE developmental wrestler Steve Bradley, who she often valeted during her own time in WWE’s developmental system in Memphis Championship Wrestling. Victoria wrote: “I did hear some disturbing news today, which has me very introspective. A wrestler that I worked with when I was in Memphis Championship Wrestling passed away. He wrestled as Steve Bradley. I was his valet for most of my time in Memphis. He was only 32. As I mentioned in a previous blog, it is easy to lose touch with people in this industry. I went to Louisville, to work with Ohio Valley Wrestling. He went to Cincinnati to work with HWA. I can’t sum up what kind of person Steve Bradley was in a paragraph or two. But he was good people, who went on to battle personal demons. And without having details on his passing, I can only assume that with that history, that when someone passes at 32, that in some way this contributed to his death.” She also talks about the worsening economy. You can read her latest blog at the following link.

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