Rajah.com Mailbag – Edition #74

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From: Lee Cundiff

Hey man best wrestling site on here, i buy and sell old dvds and was watching
the one night stand ecw ppv from 2005 were jbl literally busted blue meanie
apart it was a full on assault that to me didn’t look scripted it seemed he
made a bee line and just beat the hell out of him so much so that other ecw
wrestlers took exception to it, am pretty sure it wasn’t scripted so can you
shed any light on the background and aftermath and if jbl got heat because of

Cewsh: It’s nice to be able to actually give an answer that is more than just hearsay, because both JBL and Blue Meanie have discussed the situation at length. Essentially, JBL has been known as a guy who plays harsh pranks on younger wrestlers, and he had a major reputation as an old school bully backstage. Apparently Blue Meanie said some harsh remarks about this and it got back to JBL, so when the big brawl happened at the end of One Night Stand, JBL made a bee line for Meanie and clubbed his face off.
Afterwards, JBL got bags of heat from all over the industry, but he was never punished for it by WWE as far as I can tell. It was pretty par for the course for the guy, honestly. The two have buried the hatchet in recent years, so there’s no remaining drama from this. But yeah, JBL shoot beat Meanie to bits on a live PPV.

From: Jeffrey Winner

Ryback latest promos in the last three weeks with him with a skull cap….is
he wearing an earpiece and getting scripted promos and responses?
Interestingly enough the complaints came in and IWC questioned it and he
begins wearing the skull cap in the promos (with Cena, Jericho, Foley, etc)

Cewsh: It never even crossed my mind that that could be an option, but now that you mention it, I don’t see why it couldn’t be possible. Referees have similar devices in their ears to get signals from the back, so why not Ryback? I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen him cut a promo and do anything physical in the same segment, so you may be on to something here.

From: Rob
I really hope you can answer this, if so I will have a termendous amount of
respect for you, as I have emailed the WWE this same question and they do NOT
answer. On WWE’s on wellness policy this is what is stated; Section 14 of the Wellness Policy, which is titled Discipline for Violation of Law, reads:

“Any WWE Talent, who is arrested, convicted, or who admits to a violation of law relating to use, possession, purchase, sale, or distribution of drugs will be in material breach of his/her contract with WWE and subject to immediate dismissal”

SO why have they done NOTHING in regards to Jack Swaggers recent arrest for DUI. thank you

Cewsh: The politician’s answer is that Jack Swagger still has a pending court date on June 25th to establish whether he is guilty of the charges leveled against him in the eyes of the law. “Arrested” is an iffy term to apply to this, since I haven’t seen the police documents, so he’s scooting by on a technicality. If he is convicted at his court hearing, then by the rules of the Wellness Policy, WWE would be obligated to terminate his contract. But since that gives them plenty of time to wrap up his current storyline without having had to interfere with Wrestlemania, it would appear that WWE has chosen to let things go until the courts sort out his definitive guilt.
Since the charge is more serious than just being caught with drugs in your system, WWE may be waiting to see the severity of the situation before deciding whether to fire or suspend him, and in the meantime, they seem to be trying to get as much out of him as they can before then.
If he’s still unpunished 2 months from now, then there’s a serious issue. In the meantime, they aren’t TECHNICALLY breaking their own rules.

From: Tim
Excuse me, but this is a show so doesn’t anyone see the screw up of Christy
Hemme as more of a detriment to the show than what Aries did? Heels depend
on that heat they get in order to get over with the fans and when some dumb
skirt who could not wrestle and now cannot even read off a cue card fouls up
all the attention is drawn toward what Aries did. Get rid of Hemme, she has
zero talent, is NOT attractive, and adds absolutely nothing to the show. Yes
discipline Aries but accusations of sexual harrassment have gone way
overboard and this is just another example.

Cewsh: Wait a second. Victim blaming? Objectification? Aggression towards women? Good golly, you’ve successfully completed the Misogyny Trifecta!
Look, I’ve seen a lot of really awful statements directed at Christy Hemme over the past week since these events took place, and I’ve see an awful lot of people trying their level best to defend Austin Aries and rationalize what he did. Yes, he’s a heel. Yes, he’s an excellent professional wrestler. But you need to understand that what he did constitutes sexual harassment and that is not a debatable thing. You can’t abuse non wrestlers without them knowing it’s coming and you absolutely cannot stick your dick in a woman’s face just because she had the gall to mix up the order of the teams coming to the ring. Any attempt to justify that action just labels the person doing it as a delusional sociopath who cares more about defending his favorite wrestlers than he does about standing up for women’s rights. And I don’t have much time for that, or for the person doing it.
I won’t be answering any further letters on this topic. What Aries did was wrong, and he has been punished and reprimanded for it by both TNA and Spike TV. Let’s just move on.

From: Casey

I was wondering how many hits Rajah.com gets and what did you do to get people to visit your site? I remember in the past, I would see a lot of “rajah” signs on TV, is that how people found your site?

Rajah: The site still sees significant traffic, though not at the crazy levels of the early 2000’s – surely just following the popularity of WWE and wrestling in general. Without getting into specifics, rajah.com generates several million page views per month.

How people found the site? Just by search engines and word of mouth I guess. The signs helped, but not nearly as much as you’d think. I think people just kept coming back due to the uniqueness of the site.

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