PCO Reveals Why Talks With WWE Broke Down, Discusses Negotiations With ROH

Villain Enterprises member, PCO, recently spoke with WrestlingInc.com about signing with Ring Of Honor and why talks with WWE ended up breaking down.

On why talks with WWE broke down:

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“My take’s been if you’re really interested in me, then you will ask me for something,” PCO said of WWE’s passive interest. “Like, ‘PCO, would did you think of this…’ But the conversations stayed on the surface and did not go deeper. I didn’t press any buttons to make it go deeper and if I had to stay another year on the indie scene, then I would have stayed another year.”

On negotiations with ROH:

“They contacted me and were real serious,” PCO said on our WINCLY podcast. “The phone [conversations]back-and-forth continued through my trip in Germany. As soon as I got back from Germany, I could tell it was serious business.

“We sat down together and looked at different possibilities…I could have made other decisions, but thought me and ROH was a perfect fit.”

Wanting creative control:

“Being able to be part of the creative side of the business – not just being told what to do…,” PCO stated. “They are really open about the creative sides of the guys… It’s not like they are going to throw something at you that you don’t feel comfortable doing.”