Paige Urges WWE To Hire Her Brothers For NXT UK

Paige recently spoke with TalkSport about a range of topics where she urged Triple H to hire her brothers for WWE’s NXT UK roster.

“I would definitely do appearances for NXT UK, but I just want my brothers to be apart of it – Zack and Roy. I just think the WWE are dropping the ball when it comes to my brothers and I’m not just saying that being bias, but the movie came out and they’ve got this elevation right now, great gimmicks and they could be in NXT UK in a heartbeat. And they want to do that,” Paige stated. “And I would love to go and make appearances, even if I’m the one that comes out and introduces my brothers to the NXT UK universe. It would be such a good moment for them. NXT UK need to get their s**t together and hire my brothers.

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“My mum and dad could be producers too, come on, dudes! [laughs].”

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