Paige Completes A Taste Test (Video), MVP Mocks Donald Trump ‘Person of the Year’ Tweet

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Paige Taste Tests Food (Video)

Paige has posted a new video to her YouTube channel (Glampire Diaries) where she provides different food and drinks for her friend to taste test whilst blindfolded.

MVP Mocks Donald Trump Tweet

Former WWE Superstar, MVP, has been the latest person to mock Donald Trump on social media.

After the President’s tweet about being the TIME Magazine person of the year, several celebrities and athletes have mocked the tweet with a spoof of their own.

MVP’s, was, of course, wrestling related with the former WWE Superstar staring the Royal Rumble speculation early with his tweet jokingly suggesting WWE promised he could win the match.

WWE called. They said I’d PROBABLY win the Royal Rumble if I came back. Plus a big photo shoot. I said probably wouldn’t do it. I passed.

— MVP (@The305MVP) November 25, 2017

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