Only Solution for Trump's "Less Expensive, Far Better" System: Medicare-for-All

Amid the clamor over the pending repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), President-elect Donald Trump may have unintentionally offered his support for a solution typically championed by those on the progressive left: Medicare-for-All.

Weighing in on the partisan battle to uphold and amend or scrap the system known as Obamacare, the incoming president tweeted:

Trump’s call for “a healthcare plan that really works” was met with flurry of responses pointing to the publicly-funded, single-payer model that seemed to fit the bill.

“Trump knows that single payer is the better system,” RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, told Common Dreams. “He has business interests in other countries and knows the cost savings.”

“But,” she added, “he is seduced by the profits that can be garnered off of our health, I assume, or he would yank the curtain away from this shallow discussion on healthcare.”

Referring to the current Congressional debate, DeMoro continued: “Single payer, expanded Medicare-for-All, is kept off the American agenda because it doesn’t allow massive billions to be extracted from our people to the huge financial interests that control our health, from pharma to insurance companies to hospitals, down to the doctors offices. It is the biggest sham of a debate we have had in this country.”

Trump’s directive to “get together” and build a “healthcare plan that really works” contradicts his previous advice for Republicans to “be careful” in their eager repeal of the law, saying: “It will fall of its own weight.”

The shift came about the same time it was reported that Trump supporters might actually want a plan that looks more like Medicare-for-All.