Official ECW On Sci-Fi Preview For Tonight – Seeking Revenge Under No DQ Rules

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The last ECW on Sci Fi was an experience for CM Punk as he and ECW Original Rob Van Dam were punished by the New Breed’s Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von. Punk was on top in his rivalry with Burke at Judgment Day, but the self-proclaimed “guiding light” got the last laugh when he and Cor Von beat their opponents into the mat. The night ended with the New Breed’s celebration, despite their being disqualified.

The main event for the next ECW on Sci Fi has been announced as Rob Van Dam & CM Punk will face Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von in a rematch. But this time, their war will be a No Disqualification Match! However, after appearing to suffer a serious head injury at the hands of Randy Orton on Raw last night, will RVD be in any condition to compete? And if so, will Van Dam & Punk be able to gain revenge or will Burke & Cor Von further decimate two of ECW’s greatest stars?

New Breed Superstar Matt Striker had a better night last week than he had had in the last few weeks with a solid win over Brett Major. Can he build off of this victory this week on ECW on Sci Fi?

Last week, Snitsky continued his ravenous path of destruction, making Tommy Dreamer his latest victim, but RVD slowed down the deranged freak with a chair shot. Will Snitsky seek vengeance on the only person who has gotten the better of him in the last few months?

Also, with One Night Stand quickly approaching, how is Bobby Lashley preparing for his Street Fight with Mr. McMahon? What could the Chairman have up his sleeve?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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