NWA Hard Times Results | Nick Aldis vs Flip Gordon, NWA TV Title Tournament, Allysin Kay Defends & More

NWA Hard Times
January 24, 2019
Atlanta, GA

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NWA Television Championship Tournament Match
Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark

I missed this match as I was about 5 minutes late getting started with the show. Murdoch got the win with a pair of diving bulldogs from the second rope. I’ll update this a bit later.

Advancing to the Semifinals: Trevor Murdoch

NWA Television Championship Tournament Match
Dan Maff vs. Zicky Dice

Dice rushed the Ring of Honor star but ran into a brick wall. He tried again and didn’t fair any better. Dice went low with a dropkick and finally took the big man off his feet, before coming off the second rope with a double axehandle. A lariat followed, but Maff kicks out at one. Maff charged up and nearly killed Dice with a Tazplex, then caught him coming off the ropes again with a monstrous spear. The big man followed with a running cannonball splash in the corner, before putting Dice out of his misery with a running senton.

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Advancing to the Semifinals: Dan Maff

NWA Television Championship Tournament Match
Ricky Starks vs. Matt Cross

Welcome to the NWA Arena, Mr. Cross! Starks welcomed him with a series of shoulder tackles, but got a bit too cocky and struck a pose, so Cross dropkicked him out of the ring and followed with a slingshot elbow drop all the way to the floor. He throws Starks back in the ring and delivers a couple of lariats, and a beautiful springboard crossbody for two. A double foot stomp hit right in the ribs, but it wasn’t enough. Cross hit an Oscutter and went to the top rope, tried for a Shooting Star Press, but Starks rolled out of the way just in time. The Stroke Daddy (or whatever he calls it) puts the veteran away.

Advancing to the Semifinals: Ricky Starks

— Tim Storm came out and said he’s heard a rumor that Ken Anderson might not be here tonight, as he may not be medically cleared to compete. Storm said he’s man of honor, and is surrounded by his NWA family in Atlanta, but if he’s given the option of a first round bye… he’s taking it! He’s got more miles behind him than in front of him, and he’ll do what he has to in order to become champion.


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