Nixed Plans For RAW's 20th Anniversary, Eve's Final WWE Match, Vickie-Rock

Here are some additional news items from Monday’s 20th Anniversary RAW:

– Vickie Guerrero continues to tweet about The Rock’s singing to her during his Rock Concert on Monday’s RAW:

“Call me whatever you will, like Biatch…BUT remember this…I am the BIATCH IN CHARGE”. #BIC. #TheRock. #WWE”

– Eve Torres wrestled her final WWE match on RAW, dropping the Divas title to Kaitlyn. There had been talks of the match taking place at the Royal Rumble with a Lumberjills stipulation, however Eve made the call for the match to take place on RAW because she wanted her big title win to take place in front of Kaitlyn’s hometown crowd in Houston.

– As previously reported, WWE originally had plans for several legends to return at the 20th Anniversary of RAW, but those plans were nixed. WWE did reach out to several former superstars, however they were later told that creative plans were changed and WWE decided against the cameos. There were rumors of an Evolution reunion at the show, but Batista was never contact. Chris Jericho was also rumored to make a surprise appearance, but he was never contacted either.

* Picture of STONE COLD’s New Beard

(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)