Nick Dinsmore Talks Hideo Itami & Finn Balor In NXT, Performance Center

The following are highlights of a new Shake Them Ropes interview with former NXT trainer Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore:

On seeing the WWE Performance Center: “No, this is something that when I first saw it, it blew my mind. I heard they went and looked at the New York Giants facility to see what the standard is for professional athletes, and I feel like the Performance Center far exceeds that.”

On new talent coming in: “There’s a wide variety of talent there, from former professional athletes to actors to independent wrestlers… They’re people that can perform. It’s something special I saw at the Performance Center.”

On KENTA (Hideo Itami) and Prince Devitt’s (Finn Balor) integration into WWE: “Kenta would have English class every day to help with his English. Fergal had apparently never driven a car before, so he would have driving classes. WWE was right there to help anyone who wanted to take a college course to help them with their WWE product, WWE was a very helpful company. Phenomenal.”

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