Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss On Joining Total Divas, Breaking Free From Their Characters, Constant Cameras

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– WWE Raw Superstars Nia Jax and Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss recently participated in a interview with Mirror to help promote new season of Total Divas, check out the highlights below:

On joining the upcoming season of Total Divas:

AB: “Well a lot of fun, I don’t think there was a lot of pressure to be a certain way because we are coming in so late. I think it was a really cool and refreshing thing to have two best friends on the show., that are real life best friends. The show hasn’t had that before, except for the Bellas, so it was really cool to just have each other and experience it together.”

NJ: “Yeah, it’s quite humbling to be put on such a huge series, where they have already established such a huge following, on their own, outside of WWE. The fact we get to add to that is pretty cool.”

On having cameras follow them around, all of the time:

AB: “I guess it depends, a home it was a little weird, but when I was hanging out at TV or with Nia, it was just normal.”

NJ: “Yeah I didn’t have an issue with any of it, it was pretty straightforward, I was just myself and there was a camera there.”

Do you think fans will get to see a different side to you then on Total Divas?

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NJ: “Yes, definitely. They will definitely see something completely different. On Raw I’m the big mean girl who goes and beats everybody up, on Total Divas they will see a softer vulnerable side of me that definitely isn’t see on Raw. And some very goofy stuff between Alexa and I. Team Rude is definitely in full effect.”

AB: “You’ll see that I’m not really like my character on Raw. My character on Raw is definitely not an extension of my real self I like to think – maybe when I was like five-years-old – it’s more you get to see mine and Nia’s friendship, how goofy we are together, how much fun we have, just a different side.”