News on Austin Aries Possibly Gone from Impact; Update on Ellsworth

— There are some backstage rumblings that Austin Aries could be done with Impact Wrestling or at the very least his status with the company is on shaky ground. After last night’s PPV, Aries reportedly left the building after dropping his title and doesn’t appear to be included in the coming TV tapings. To make matters worse, after the finish yesterday, Aries pretty much no sold Johnny Impact’s finisher and gave Don Callis the finger before leaving. Of course, this is a fall out after the situation between Aries and Johnny got out of hand when Johnny said Aries was short and Aries responded by calling Johnny’s wife “husky.” The two then got into at a press conference taking their worked storyline to shoot level – the brawl spilling out into the public and knocking an investor over. You can watch it below (language NSFW).

— James Ellsworth made a surprise appearance with Impact Wrestling at the Bound for Glory PPV last night. According to Impact sources, this was only a one time deal for now and despite other reports online, there are no plans for Ellsworth to sign any sort of contract with the company for more appearances.

— To that end, as we first reported yesterday, Ellsworth is scheduled to appear tomorrow evening as part of the Smackdown 1000 celebrations. This will again be a one-time appearance.