New “Total Bellas” Details Reveal John Cena and Nikki Bella Actually Broke Up Months Ago

The new season of “Total Bellas” will be premiering on May 20th, and the show promises to be replete with drama, as it will focus on the John Cena and Nikki Bella split, along with Daniel Bryan’s triumphant return to the ring.

New promotional material for the series has been released, and below are the synopses for the first three episodes:

Episode 1:

“Brie decides that she wants to join her sister and John in San Diego, but Bryan is not interested in moving; Nikki and John have an honest conversation about major life decisions; WWE clears Daniel to return to in-ring competition.”

Episode 2:

“Nikki is finally cleared to wrestle again; although Brie is eager to start training for their comeback, Nikki finds herself distracted with unexpected emotions and uncertainty about her future as Mrs. Cena.”

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Episode 3:

“Nikki leans on Brie, Bryan and the Bella family for their unconditional support following her breakup with fiancé John Cena, all while preparing for the Bella Twins’ big return to the WWE 25th anniversary of “Monday Night Raw.”

The synopsis for episode three reveals that John Cena and Nikki Bella actually broke up before WWE Raw 25 which aired in late January, meaning the couple was broken up for months before they announced it publicly on April 15th.

In the video below, which was filmed back in January, Nikki Bella made an appearance on “The Steve Harvey Show” and noted the couple had called off their engagement, but later reconciled and it was back on. So it appears as if the couple had broken up once before they called off their relationship for good.

Despite the above, E! has released the above video, teasing that Cena and Nikki Bella might already be back together, as has been rumored in recent weeks.

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