New GOTG Champion Crowned In Last Episode Before Ultima Lucha 4

For the third time this season, Lucha Underground has a new Gift Of The Gods Champion. This time, it’s Jake Strong (formerly known as Jack Swagger in WWE) who won the coveted title during last night’s episode of Lucha Underground. Strong won a Seven To Survive Elimination Match by defeating Dante Fox, King Cuerno, Aerostar, Big Bad Steve, PJ Black and Hernandez in the main event.
Below is the ending of the match, which you can check out as part of the full results page at this link:
Fox dropkicks Strong to the outside, then Fox goes to the outside of the ring and receives a pair of punches from Strong. Fox gets up a hits a basement dropkick to Strong. Both men get up in the ring and Fox hits a superkick to Strong. Fox goes for the pin and Strong kicks out at two. Fox places Strong to the top rope and rushes to Strong, but Strong hits a big boot to Fox. Strong gets Fox into an ankle lock and Fox is fighting to get to the ropes, but Strong pulls him back to the ring. Fox eventually has no choice but to tap and we have a new Gift Of The Gods Champion.

The match opened and closed the show and went for approximately 50 minutes. The order of eliminations from first to last are as follows:
– Dante Fox Eliminates Hernandez
– Jake Strong Eliminates PJ Black
– Aerostar Eliminates Big Bad Steve

– Jake Strong Eliminates Aerostar
– Dante Fox Eliminates King Cuerno
– Jake Strong Eliminates Dante Fox

This is Strong’s first-ever title won in Lucha Underground. Strong is the third overall Gift Of The Gods Champion in this season. The title was first won by Dragon Azteca Jr., but then Marty “The Moth” Martinez defeated Azteca in a title defense. Martinez would then capitalize on the title victory later that episode and beat Pentagon Dark to become the new Lucha Underground Champion. Martinez and Pentagon will have a rematch for the title on the second part of Ultima Lucha Cuatro which will air on November 7th. The first part of Ultima Lucha Cuatro will air on October 31st and the main event of that night will be a Mask vs. Mask Match between Son Of Havoc & Killshot.