New Details On Edge's Retirement & What His Future Holds

As we confirmed here on Monday night, Edge is in fact retiring from the squared circle and has almost certainly wrestled his last WWE match ever. Edge has stated publicly in recent interviews that he planned to retire in two years, but had told others in WWE that he felt like he could go for another five years. Now that we know how bad his neck really is after last week’s MRI (with doctors saying they could never medically clear him to wrestle again), it’s frightening to think that Edge had a ladder match coming up in a few weeks and almost certainly would have done even more damage to his neck in the coming months and years.

With reality setting in that Edge’s in-ring career is over, it’s time to start looking ahead. It’s said that Edge has some writing projects that he will be working on and his next set of life goals do not have much to do with wrestling. The feeling in WWE that Edge will always remain on good terms with the company, but he probably won’t be working full time behind-the-scenes as an agent. This is despite many of his peers saying on Twitter that Edge has a great mind for the business and could still contribute without stepping foot in a ring.

Regarding Edge and the World Heavyweight Title, there was some confusion at RAW last night as to why WWE didn’t put Alberto Del Rio over at WrestleMania 27 if they knew there was even a small chance that Edge would be leaving soon.

While WWE’s announcement notes that Edge got his MRI results the Monday after WrestleMania, sources indicate that he’s been feeling more intense pain for a few weeks now but didn’t think he would be forced to retire. Had WWE known Edge would have to retire soon, more emphasis would have been put on “his final WrestleMania match.”

Like Edge said on RAW.. It’s very unfortunate that his still-promising career has been cut short, but we cannot overlook the fact that he could have been left paralyzed if he kept wrestling. He’s not walking away on his terms entirely – but he had one hell of a career and dodged a bullet by leaving before it was too late.

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