Mustafa Ali on Overcoming Stereotypes: “Nothing Can Define You But You”

Mustafa Ali’s appearance on The Secret Life of Muslims has garnered a very positive response from WWE fans.

The SmackDown Live Superstar talked about his life as a pro wrestler, including his early days in the business, when he decided to portray a stereotypical Muslim character. It went against everything he believed in but he just wasn’t getting enough bookings and needed to do something extreme.

Thus was born “Prince” Mustafa Ali, an evil heel who broke every rule imaginable to get the win. But his character was generating the wrong sort of heat and Mustafa knew it. Ali talked about the moment he deiced he had to make a change.

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“I remember seeing a young boy, maybe six, seven years old. And as I approached the guardrail, he jumped out of his chair and he put his hands up. And I remember looking into this kid’s eyes and I remember seeing hate. And right then and there, it hit me: I was like, did I just teach this kid to hate people that look like me? And from that point forward, I created a new character, Mustafa Ali.”

Ali ditched the old gimmick and did things his way. It took him a long time to get over but once the fans finally accepted him, he truly came into his own.

Mustafa Ali recently returned rom injury to compete at Fastlane, where he compered for the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. Ali lost that match and it’s unknown where he will go from here on the blue brand. But there’s no doubt that he has impressed on every level and hopefully good things are ahead.

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