More on WWE's Restriction for UK Performers Under Contract

— WWE’s restriction on their UK talent under contract looks to be even more severe than initially reported. Trent Seven lost a “loser leaves town” match in his own Fight Club Pro promotion and he actually had to work with wrestlers who were also under contract to WWE. Seven teamed up with Tyler Bate and Pete Dunn and the trio lost their match and said their goodbyes afterwards.

— Other limitations include men not being able to have any sort of physical confrontation with women so in a match that included WALTER and Meiko Satomura, at no point could WALTER do any moves to Satomura so they got around it by having her duck and counter his attempts at chops.

— reader Patrick Nee added:

All three members of British Strong Style tonight lost a six man tag match, and have left the Fight Club: Pro promotion (a non-NXT UK affiliate) as a result of the match stipulation. It is interesting that this includes Trent Seven, as he is a co-owner of the promotion.

Travis Banks and Jordan Devlin, who were two of the names touted as being on the same contracts banning them from appearing on non-affiliated promotions, were on the winning team which may suggest that they are not subject to the same restrictions.