More On Trish's Wrestling Return & New TV Show – Video & Pictures Online


Earlier we reported on Trish Stratus’ return to wrestling are there are new details to report. The match Trish competed in was not professional wrestling but actually something called “glima wrestling”. Glima wrestling takes place on a hard wooden surface (not in a ring) and involves mostly takedowns.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus “glima wrestling” match was recorded by a Canadian camera crew. Trish is filming a new television show called “Stratusphere”, where she will tour world learning more about the sport of wrestling. You can check out a photo of Trish and Icelandic Women’s Glima Champion Svana Hronn Johannsdottir by clicking here. Scroll down on that page to find a second photo of Trish.

The whole match is available online as well by clicking here. The entire match and an interview with Trish begins roughly seven minutes and 30 seconds into the video, which is taken from the Icelandic local news.

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