More on Enzo Amore Being Hospitalized; Braun Strowman Cleared to Return

— Enzo Amore shared an Instagram story earlier today revealing that he was hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL – the city where tonight’s Raw is located.

— Amore did not reveal specifics on why he is in the hospital (though most are guessing that he is stricken with the same flu that sidelined Braun Strowman this weekend) but showed that he was in a waiting room receiving fluids via IV. He was later moved to a hospital room approximately 4 PM ET and was continuing to receive an IV. No word on the status of his Cruiserweight title match tonight against Cedric Alexander on Raw.

— WWE officials have confirmed that Braun Strowman has been cleared to return to action and will be on Raw tonight, though his involvement on TV is unknown. He is scheduled for a dark match after Raw against Kane.

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