Moose Interview: Thoughts on His Name, Bobby Lashley & EC3 Signing With WWE, more

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for sending this in:

I wanted to send along highlights from an interview I did with Moose in Orlando, FL. He talked about how he hated the name “Moose”, his thoughts on EC3 and Bobby Lashley signing with WWE, the Impact vs. Lucha Underground show during WrestleMania weekend and much more.

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He hated the name “Moose”:

“A teammate of mine gave it to me during my football days. Hated it. Couldn’t stand it. Hated everybody who called me Moose and now Moose makes me money.”

His thoughts on his friend EC3 signing with NXT:

“I talk to him everyday. I’m so happy for him, he’s doing great things with the company he’s with now. Everybody knew he was going to be a star wherever he goes. He looks like a Greek god and he talks great on the mic and his in-ring work is great. We all knew he was going to do great things.”

The differences between an NFL locker room and an independent wrestling locker room:

“It’s definitely different. You’ve got to understand, in an NFL locker room we probably had the best looking locker rooms with TVs all over the place and you can get comfortable. In a wrestling locker room, you might come in and you might be changing outside and with no curtain. There’s definitely a big difference there but for the love of wrestling, you go through it.”

On disappointing fans at the Impact vs. Lucha Underground show:

“It was probably the most buzzed and most talked about show of that weekend. When you get two big companies with Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling joining forces and producing a good show, there’s tons of dream matches that people want to see. Unfortunately I didn’t give the fans the match they wanted to see. I think a lot of people wanted to see a one-on-one match up with me and Matanza Cueto and instead we were in a 6-way together.”