"Miss USA" Rima Fakih Says She Has Signed A Contract To Wrestle For WWE

2010 Miss USA Rima Fakih has been on hand for many of the WrestleMania week events in Miami, Florida, prompting speculation that she signed a contract with WWE. The beauty queen confirmed to German celebrity gossip website Promiflash.de that she is now affiliated with the sports entertainment organization.

When asked if she is under contract to WWE at Thursday’s WrestleMania Premiere Party at Sun Island, she responded, “You are the first to respond to me, but I can now tell you that I will definitely be part of WWE.”

The website notes that Fakih plans to wrestle for WWE after competing on WWE Tough Enough last year. She says she did not take the experience lightly.

“It was really hard. I probably had to fight the most, simply because everyone thought that I’m just a beauty queen,” Fakih says. She adds that she while she sustained numerous injuries during the competition, it meant too much to her to give up.

Fakih was also asked which match she is most looking forward to at tonight’s WrestleMania. She says CM Punk’s match against Chris Jericho.

“Everyone wants John Cena to see The Rock, but I personally cannot wait to see CM Punk spanked Chris Jericho’s ass,” she says, “I love CM Punk. He has a very distinctive and colorful character.”

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