Mick Foley Blogs About Kanyon's Death, News On TNA's New Live Event Strategy

— TNA star Mick Foley has updated his MySpace.com blog with more thoughts on the tragic death of former WWE & WCW wrestler Chris Kanyon. With yet another young life lost, Foley once again shines a light on the less-than glamorous transition from wrestling superstar to everyday civilian.

“Unfortunately, suicide is a solution that far too many wrestlers have opted for. I really wish there was some kind of emotional crash pad for wrestlers to land on when the bright lights dim, or when injuries take their toll, or when one is finally forced to face the fact that the next big break just might not come around.”

— TNA founder Jeff Jarrett tells Kentucky’s Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper that TNA looking to change their strategy concerning live events. Many of TNA’s bigger names currently do not appear at the live events, leading many fans to notice a major difference in the product they see in person compared to the household names they see on television. “The issue you’re talking about of the (Kevin) Nashes of the world not making it, we are graduating or progressing so that won’t be the case by the end of the year,” Jarrett said. “What you see on TV will match the live events.”

Jarrett admitted that TNA is not financially able to “load up a card with up to 20 superstars,” but that’s allowed them to keep the talent budget low and as a result, the shows have been profitable.

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