McMahon Bans Three More Terms, Santino Marella Interview, WWE In The UK


— Vince McMahon has banned the term “sports entertainment.” Instead, they’re going to be using the term “entertainment.” Additionally, the terms “Superstars” and “wrestlers” have also been banned.

— has an article on WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella, which you can read at the following link. He stays in character for the interview. “When you are Intercontinental Champion, you represent all the countries,” he says. Even Antartica? “Yes! I will defend it anywhere. I am the champion of Earth,” Marella said.

— Here are notes on WWE’s viewership in the UK. For the week ending October 12, the live Raw drew 32,000 viewers. Thursday’s replay of the show drew 56,000 and the Friday replay drew 55,000. SmackDown drew 55,000 viewers on a Friday and 44,000 for the next day’s replay. TNA nor UFC did significant numbers.

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