Matt Hardy Update, John Morrison's Training Routine, MVP's New Music & More

– Matt Hardy posted the following on Twitter today:

“I hope everyone is doing great today, all is good on my end. Things are happening in a way that will make me happy. Be well my friends! :)”

– MVP wrote today on Twitter he will be getting new entrance music soon, but did not announce when it will debut.

– Richie Steamboat, son of WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat, will challenge Florida Championship Wrestling champion MAson Ryan for the title tonight. The match will take place at the FCW show in Orlando and will be a lumberjack match.

– We’ve gotten several emails about John Morrison’s warm-up exercise segment from RAW. For those who missed it, Morrison was shown running around backstage jumping on, over and under various objects in a controlled, fluid way. This style of workout is commonly known as “parkour” or “freerunning.” According to WWE sources, Morrison does in fact practice this activity in his regular training routine.

* VIEW HERE: John Morrison’s “SPIDERMAN” Workout (Video)