Many Wrestlers Upset Over Vickie Guerrero's Sendoff On Raw Last Week

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

A number of wrestlers were upset over the nature of Vickie Guerrero’s sendoff from WWE last week on Monday Night Raw. Either enough people in the company were, or some sponsors were, because when they replayed the segment on this week’s show, they cut out everything that could possibly be offensive out of the segment.

Many believe there is no way Eddie Guerrero would have allowed his wife to be verbally abused in the manner she was, storyline or not. The idea that he would have gone along with almost anything that would have provided for his family really only came about after he passed away. When his close friend Art Barr passed away in 1994, he told AAA officials he would do nothing that would exploit his death.

Following her sendoff, many people went up to Guerrero to say good-bye and complement her on how well she did in the role. She’s largely leaving because she has two daughters who are teenagers at home and didn’t think, as a single mother, she should be away two or three days per week.

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