Major Update On Jerry Lawler's Condition: Backstage Reaction, No Warning Signs

Jerry Lawler’s heart attack at Monday’s RAW got mainstream media coverage from CNN, the Associated Press, FOX, TMZ and many others.

As you can imagine, the mood backstage at RAW last night was very tense. When it became apparent that Lawler was suffering a medical emergency on the air, many people began praying and nobody was paying attention to the show.

Sources who were backstage at RAW are crediting the EMT’s for saving Lawler’s life. Had the heart attack taken place at an independent wrestling show where they don’t have EMT’s and a heart defibulator on hand, Lawler’s fate might have been different.

Lawler is currently in stable condition at the cardiac ICU of a Montreal hospital and is scheduled to undergo heart surgery today. is reporting the following details on Jerry Lawler’s condition:

– Lawler wrestled both Friday and Saturday nights in Aruba before heading back to the States and flying to Montreal for RAW on Monday.

– Lawler showed no signs of health problems over the weekend.

– There was some concern at RAW about blood being cut off to Lawler’s brain and potential brain damage. Several fans who were ringside noted that Lawler’s skin appeared blue, a result of oxygen deprivation.

– Vince McMahon was by Lawler’s side through the entire ordeal.