Major Heat On TNA Knockout, Backstage News On Roxxi's Departure From TNA


There are conflicting stories relating to Roxxi’s departure from TNA Wrestling this past week. While it was previously reported that she had requested her release from the company, multiple sources in the organization are saying that TNA made the decision to let her go.

There is said to be a lot of heat on Rhaka Khan over her release as it can be traced back to a locker room incident that occurred between the two at a recent television taping.

As the story goes, Khan was upset that she wasn’t given much to do in a recent Knockouts gauntlet battle royal. As producer Savio Vega was going over the match, he repeatedly asked Khan to turn down the music she was playing. She eventually gave in, but when he asked her to join the rest of the group, she snapped at him.

Come match time, Khan issued a flurry of stiff shots in the direction of Roxxi. Roxxi reportedly lashed back with a forearm shot, nailing her nose. She dropped to her knees and shrieked — which was edited off the broadcast. Following her elimination, Khan headed backstage and loudly complained about Roxxi stiffing her. She also said the other Knockouts hate her and that she could “get real” with them if she wanted to.

Soon after, Roxxi approached Khan backstage to make peace, but she wanted no part of it. She was then overheard complaining to then-boyfriend Kurt Angle, alleging that the other Knockouts were stealing her clothes and had destroyed or stolen her laptop computer.

In response to her allegations of stolen clothes, one source quipped, “None of this has ever happened because who in the f*** would want them?”

Khan and Roxxi eventually made amends, but neither were brought back to television. Roxxi was soon released whereas Khan remains employed. While Khan hasn’t appeared on television since the incident, she has been flying herself to a few of the television tapings in recent weeks.

Many feel Roxxi got the raw end of the deal whereas Khan is getting away with her over the top behavior as a result of her ties with Angle. While he has been spotted ignoring some of her rants backstage, many feel management is tolerating her antics due to her relationship with him.

While Angle stated during a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show that he is no longer dating her, many feel Roxxi would still be employed had it not been for her issues with Khan.

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